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The Kansas guy who's ripping Dan McHale

As some, or many of you must have read, here, and elsewhere, there's this guy from Kansas who's ripping Dan McHale 'a big one' because supposedly, Dan didn't build him a quality pack.

No one will know what really happened between the two but for me, I have some brief comments to make.

Dan has built for me, over the past few years, three different types of his custom packs, ranging from a day assault pack to a week long special edition. In between, is an incredible SARC that is my all around pack that can do anything; mountaineering, backpacking, climbing, x-c skiing, etc.

All three packs are incredibly built with an attention to detail that one hardly ever sees anywhere. All of the options that I have ever requested were built into the design and function of the packs. Dan overbuilt my packs as he does for most, if not all of his customers. His attention to detail and form are second to none!

All of the other equipment that I have purchased from Dan, ranging from two Integral Designs tents, to clothing and optional equipment for my packs are top notch and first class. Dan has always answered my e-mails and phone calls in a timely and professional manner.

I spoke with Dan a few weeks ago before this whole thing escalated on the web. I believe what Dan shared with me as I have never had the cause to doubt Dan in all the calls and e-mails we've had with one another.

You know, what really pisses me off is that Dan is the consummate small businessman who has an attention to customer service, quality of product and excellent customer base that should stand alone in the backpacking and climbing industries. To see this guy bad-mouth Dan, is an insult to all other small businesspeople who have had to deal with people who demonstrate no respect for a handmade product that is of the highest quality.


I agree with everything you've said. I've got 2 McHale packs and have been VERY happy with them. And I'm not someone who is easily satisfied when it comes to gear. I dont know about this guy but all I can think of is that Dan is a bit of an iconoclast, he's his own man. So he's not going to kiss up to his customers, just give them a quality pack at a fair price.

Enough is Enough

At the risk of stifling the First Amendment rights, I note that other websites have over 150 posts on this subject. Let's just refer people, if they are interested, to the backpacker mag trail talk site (or others if any) and try not to completly repeat everything here again.

August 9, 2020
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