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1:33 p.m. on December 5, 2002 (EST)

Where can I find a back pack for back country sking for my son. He wants to be able to attach skis to it.thanks

1:18 p.m. on December 6, 2002 (EST)
Need more information, but here's some suggestions


Where can I find a back pack for back country sking for my son. He wants to be able to attach skis to it.thanks

We need more information to give a good answer to your question. How big is your son? Will this pack be for day trips, overnight trips or longer? What price range?

Still, here are some ideas:

For day trips, I use an 1800 cu. in. pack (about 30 liters). I don't think I'd go any smaller than that for a day pack. All you really need for attaching skis is compression straps on the side of the pack.

You can check out what's available (to give you ideas) at Black Diamond (, Vortex - their 2200 pack is especially nice), Arc'teryx ( - high price, but good) REI (, etc.

You should probably plan on spending around $80 (probably more) to get a well-designed pack that will last. I haven't seen lesser priced packs that I'd want, IMHO.

6:19 p.m. on December 9, 2002 (EST)
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Arc'teryx has the best options.
They have two ski packs. The Khamski and the Borea.
The Borea is a ski professionals dream pack.

Also, great support for overnight gear, pocket arrangement etc.
Best carry/suspension as well

Any q's? just email me :)


8:21 p.m. on December 9, 2002 (EST)

I use a Jack Wolfskins brand "Fjell Runner II" model(strange name...). I don't work for them, but i really appreciate stout gear...

The pack has a 49 liter capacity (+/- 3100 cubic inches -good size for a day pack or an overnighter). The ski compression straps on the side of the packbag (2 per side)are Kevlar lined - super tough and resist sharp edges. It also has a large Kevlar lined front patch that also compresses (holds my crampons quite well) and large enough to hold a snowboard if your youngster makes that move.

The shoulder strap system is in a big loop that "flexes" with my shoulders when i am climbing - i reach up and the shoulder strap goes with. Complicated to explain, simple when you see it...great for skiing/snowshoeing/climbing.

It's a great pack - one that has seen 2 years of hard use and holding up pretty well so far. I think it's a little pricey - $ 160 USD(?). I bought it from a Canadian retailer on the web (its tough to access winter gear from my base in Kentucky, though i do travel quite a bit).

Good luck in your search and i hope this helps...

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