Ed, Tell us all about your trip!

5:53 p.m. on December 29, 2002 (EST)

Please tell us all the sordid (just kidding) details of your holiday backpacking trip Ed. How'd it go? Too cold? Too wet? Too anything?

7:25 a.m. on December 30, 2002 (EST)
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Fitness makes all the difference in the world!!!!!

My trip was just OK.

My camping buddy let himself go physically and is starting to turn into an old man. He is 50 years old now and a prime example of what happens when the human body becomes inactive and lives on the couch! (I'm 48)

We ended up only hiking out about a 3 mile radius from camp. We spent the entire weekend going over the same boring trails trying to find all the tacks we had put up last March. Day and night we were on the same trails because they were close to the tent. We probably only hiked about a total of six to eight miles each day. I gotta find another camping partner who doesn't get crabby when they get a little tired!

It did get cold! I think it went down to about 27 degrees Every night. The Camping Gaz cannisters actually had to be warmed up with body heat before I could boil water and have my coffee.

I was warm and happy with all those high tech clothes that folks here recommended. My pack however turned out to be the heaviest I ever carried! I think the clothes took up so little room, I kept shoving things into the pack.

The island did have a lot of standing water. Some of the trails were unpassable - unless you have alternative trails, which we do. No rain at all, in fact the sun was fairly warm during the afternoon. Me and the snakes were standing in spots of sun warming ourselves.

I saw a dead horse near my campsite that drew dozens of turkey vultures.

No bugs at all, not even ticks.

It was a pretty lame trip, but I was happy to be back in the woods. Next trip back there is scheduled for the last weekend in February.

Anyone who is capable of day hiking 15 - 20 miles, wanna go?

9:10 a.m. on December 30, 2002 (EST)

Re: Fitness makes all the difference in the world!!!!!

I know what you mean about the feeling of being back in the woods. Saturday I went hiking on one of my favorite trails. It was sunny and warm - 63 degrees. At one point I stopped in a sunny spot and just stood there soaking up the sun on my face with eyes closed. The sun on my face, the smell of the pine needles - it was wonderful.

As far as the upcoming season I just hope I get to backpack! My hiking/camping partner has carpal tunnel syndrome and is miserable all the time - needs surgery.

I hope your next trip will be a lot more fun for you.
Your report was interesting though. It made me get the backpacking fever!

June 23, 2018
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