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$10.00 Trekking Poles at Wal-Mart!

You heard me right. Trekking Poles for 10 bucks each!

They are shock-absorbing models with snow "baskets" and carbine tips. Made by Swiss Gear.

Btw I bough a pair today. For this price I can afford to try trekking poles. I can see if they help me with my backpacking (and dayhikes too???).

Re: $10.00 Trekking Poles at Wal-Mart! Chinese Made??

Hmm, "...Made by Swiss Gear...", but are they Made in China?
You can buy pretty good hiking poles for

Re: $10.00 Trekking Poles at Wal-Mart! Chinese Made??

Hmm, "...Made by Swiss Gear...", but are they Made in China?
You can buy pretty good hiking poles for less than US$4 in Hong Kong. They're all made in China.

Re: $10.00 Trekking Poles at Wal-Mart! Chinese Made??

Yes unfortunately they are made in China. :(

What isn't nowadays?

Plastic tip protectors

BTW, if you use the plastic tip protectors, tape them to your poles or you'll lose them. :-))

Re: Plastic tip protectors

Sounds like time to use that old duct tape!

Thanks for the "tip"! :)

Re: Plastic tip protectors

I would be careful of those wenger poles at wal-mart. I have seen those and they are not well made. I looked one over in the store and it came apart in my hand. I would not trust it on a hike! Especially in an area (hills, rocky, etc) that it would be really needed.

oh, and they are made in china.

Re: Plastic tip protectors

Maybe I'll be better using my hiking stick I earned doing the Fall Hking Spree at the Metro Parks Serving Summit County then!

Afterall it has been my constant companion on my hikes with 0 problems!

I can't find them on the walmart website

They are sold in the actual store in the Sporting Goods Dept.

Buy them.

Use them.

If they screw up on you on the trail, no big thing. Finish the hike like you didn't own them and toss them when you get back - or complain to Wally.

If they work for you, buy several more pairs. You know how many pairs of those you can buy for $100? Ought to last you for a few years anyway. Most heavly used poles get damaged after a few years anyway - even the $100 ones. You might get lucky (for once :)

That sounds like good advice. Thanks! :)

Check this out for best way to use them.

There are other sources as well, but Pete updates his once in a year or so.

Note that you don't use your grip to transfer weight, you use the attached loops around your wrists. This is where you can transfer about 40,000 pounds a mile (yep that's right) from your legs to your shoulder muscles. 20 pounds push on each pole per stride, 2000 strides (or so) per mile.

Time to get that upper body in shape!!

Put some weight on them, see if they move much on you. Be sure to clean the connection mechanism about every other trip.

$10 hard to go wrong.

I purchase some last year and have put a lot of miles on them. I bent one and the wrist strap came off so I glued the plastic piece back on to fix the strap then bent it back straight. So far they do the trick but they are kind of noisy and it probably would be nice to have cork handles for warmer weather but for $10 you can't go wrong.

January 27, 2022
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