Tent fly first?

5:51 p.m. on April 15, 2007 (EDT)
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This only applies to those of you who use a clip tent with a fly.

Last fall I replaced my beloved Fitzroy III (OK, not beloved - bomber, but heavy and smelled REALLY bad) with an SD Lightning. While trying it out in the living room, it occurred to me that since it is sleeveless, you can pitch the fly/footprint first and then put the tent up inside.

I tried it out on a 7 day trip, and overall, things stayed a lot drier and were more organized. Although I only ran into light drizzle (I envisioned the method as a way around filling a mesh top tent with rain in the time it took to get the fly over it - something I have done with a number of sleeved tents over the years) it still seemed worthwhile. Letting the fly air for a bit both in the evening (before setting up the tent proper) and in the morning (after taking out the tent) and packing the tent separate from the fly/footprint helped keep the living surfaces cleaner and drier.

There is a page here http://www.crazyguyonabike.com/doc/?doc_id=2328 that describes what I mean by pitching the tent inside the fly.

It would not surprise me if others have stumbled over this trick. Has anyone else tried it? Does it work with Big Agnes or other Sierra Design tents?

12:43 a.m. on April 16, 2007 (EDT)
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Sounds like a great idea. I have a Big Agnes Seedhouse 2. It would work with that, and I think I'm going to do it.

11:10 a.m. on April 18, 2007 (EDT)
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I also have the BA Seedhouse 2. This method does work, and I have done it. I came to the realization when I woke up in the rain that I could take the tent down inside the fly and leave the fly up, and that way the tent itself wouldn't take on water... Worked out very well.

11:54 a.m. on April 18, 2007 (EDT)
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What happened to the Fitzroy III? Any change it is still around somewhere?

1:42 a.m. on April 19, 2007 (EDT)
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I've even found the fly and groundcloth only method to be a great way to get out of mid-day showers. Anytime the bad clouds roll in and my barometer drops I throw my groundcloth down and put up my poles and tarp. If its just a shower I enjoy the light rain and eat some gorp. If it becomes more serious I just attach the tent without ever leaving the safety of my shelter. I love this option and use it all the time. It even works well to get out of a scorching sun for lunch during the summer.

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