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Cooling-off period for firearms discussions

Over the past couple months we've had over 90 posts across two threads devoted to debating the pros and cons of taking guns into the wilderness. The discussions were civil, thoughtful and informative -- but some of us were tiring of the never-ending back and forth.

Here are the two most previous threads:

These threads are now locked to save us all from temptation. I will leave this thread unlocked but I implore everybody to abide by these guidelines before posting here:

1) Search on "guns" and read everything that's already been posted.

2) Post only if you have something fresh and original to say, based preferably on your own experience (vs. hearsay or something you read online somewhere).

3) Give yourself a three-day cooling-off period -- if somebody writes something that really frosts your cookies, wait a few days and revisit the issue after your hackles are down.

Trailspace would never presume that there is nothing left to say about guns in the wilderness; we're just weary of all the discussion on a topic that's tangential to most backcountry travelers' experience.

This is a hiking, camping and backpacking forum, not a firearms forum.

Thank you!!!!

Agree. Let's focus on what we have in common.

The topic has been covered, this is not the focus of Trailspace.

Most posts were civil, that would not be the case on a LOT of other forums, that says a lot about Trailspace and why I am a member here.

There is a lot of bias, and misinformation associated with the topic.

I agree, we should move on. I'm sure we can all agree you need a backpack to go backpacking, as far as who makes the best one, well.......I vote for Kelty, and I'm pretty sure I'm right. HaHa

As I've posted at the bottom of the other locked threads, now that everyone has had more than ample time to discuss this topic, I'm declaring an indefinite moratorium on any forum posts or threads concerning carrying a gun or other weapon.

Thanks to everyone who has been patient and civil during this lengthy discussion. I appreciate it.

Now, let's move on to talk about other backcountry topics. (I'm locking this thread too, so we can all resist temptation and move on).

October 31, 2020
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