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Land Navigation Workshop - Finding Your Way

If you want to learn how to find your way in the Wilderness from a real expert (ME, the Old GreyBearded One, aka OGBO), I am doing a workshop for the Sierra Club at their Clair Tappaan Lodge at Donner Pass (not far from where the Donner Party feasted on each other). The information is here. Hmmm, looking at the fee, which covers food and lodging (3 meals a day, and the cook does really fine meals, too), that's a bargain for the Tahoe area. Well, ok, I am just a volunteer and the Club is one of the leading environmental organizations.

Anyway, there are always lots of questions about Finding Your Way in the woods. So here is an opportunity to learn. The workshop is very much hands-on, and you get to wander around some beautiful territory in red fir, white fir, western white pine, and Jeffrey pine forests. The lodge was built from lodgepole pines (why do you think they are called "lodgepole" pines) in the late 1930s (before OSHA, by volunteer Sierra Club members).

If you are anywhere in California or Nevada, now is your chance to see who this character is who has all those posts on Trailspace.

The arrangements have to be done with Clair Tappaan. I have nothing to do with that. I just try to develop your skills and wander around through the woods with you. You need your own compass, hiking boots, warm layers (could get warm, too), rain gear (sometimes rains in June), and if you have one, your own GPS receiver (I have a few for loan). Oh, and a pack to carry your lunch and waterbottle as we hike around.

I would love to come to your class, Bill. We need an East Coast version, please!

Find me a venue. Ummm, since it would cost me a bit to get there, somehow I would have to find some way of subsidizing it. I understand that even Priceline (Captain Kirk) is finding fares are close to doubling in just a year.

bumping this back to the top - less than a month away! Good way to gather Trailspace members!

Just a week away! - Land Navigation Workshop - Finding Your Way

back to the top -

This is always a fun weekend in the Sierra! And a good place for Trailspace folks to get together in person.

There is still some snow (like 6 feet!!!) at the lodge. But the snow is firm, so snowshoe won't be needed for our outdoor navigation sessions.

Come ti the Sierra and enjoy the beauty of the Spring mountain weather while learning to Stay Found!

Man, I would love to join you guys. I am a backcountry novice by any possible metric, and I think that navigation skills are the single most important thing that I need to familiarize myself with in order to take the next step in becoming more self-sufficient. I also love that area; I honeymooned in King's Canyon, Yosemite, Sequoia National Forest, et al. Hope you guys have a blast, and let me know if you are aware of any such navigation workshops that have a more corn-fed, midwestern flavor.

If you want to learn how to find your way in the Wilderness from a real expert (ME, the Old GreyBearded One, aka OGBO),...

I've been wondering for almost 3 years what OGBO stood for!

September 25, 2020
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