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Where on Earth is that?

Can you guess where this aerial shot is taken of? The initials might give it away GFCR?

If you guess correctly then you post a image for others to guess...

This is the Grand Falls of the Little Colorado River north east of Flagstaff, Az.

I'll have to search for something suitable to post.

Hint: CNM

Looks like somewhere in Canyonlands, but not sure where yet.

Hint #2: It is not in Utah.

Just found it at Google Earth. Its in Colorado National Monument near Fruita.

How about this place?

Point Reyes National Seashore.


Matagorda Island NE of Corpus Christi , Texas

Where is this? Hint: It is in North America.

Copper Canyon east of Areponamichic, Chihuahua, Mexico. Good one!


Thats a harder one, I see a volcano or cinder cone in the middle, been looking. And the circular fields.

Is it somewhere other than the USA?

This is in the good ol' USA. The volcano is the main point of interest.

Capulin Volcano National Monument, New Mexico

Thats and interesting looking place and with a road going up and around the volcano. Sorta like Sunset Crater here in northern Arizona.

New one below...

Homer, Alaska.


This one may be a little hard so I will add that it is in a southern plains state.

Trailhead of one of my favorite destinations !)

Wish you were here...

Ha-ha! Whomeworry made a funny! Your name makes me think of the Mad magazine quote.

I will look for the image Snowgoose....

Okay, found it. Its Caprock Canyon SP or Palo Duro Canyon SP. I found it on Google Earth and my Rand McNally maps. But so close to Amarillo I am not sure which one it is? Another place that has slipped my mind to explore. Thanks to this game I for one am discovering new places to visit and explore.

How about this one?

Ha-ha! Whomeworry made a funny! Your name makes me think of the Mad magazine quote.

I will look for the image Snowgoose....

Only part funny; the album's concept takes you several places
Who Me Worry?
EXACTLY! (What Me Worry was already taken.)

It's Palo Duro Canyon, the last refuge of the Comanche before they were finally forced onto the reservation. It gets a lot of visitors.

Caprock Canyon is a little farthur south. It has a buffalo herd and fewer visitors. Both canyons are fun to explore but get quite warm and humid in the summer.

"There is no dark side of the moon, really. As a matter of fact, its all dark."

My shot is in the midwest

That the Kentucky exclave, isn't it? Not sure what the region is officially called, assuming it's called anything beyond "Kentucky." =)

Looking again, that can't be the Kentucky analomy. It isn't the right shape.


How far zoomed is this? is this a fairly large area or are you zoomed in pretty far?

Pretty close. The distance is 6 miles wide left to right from shore to shore including the land in between and about 7 miles from top to bottom of the image.

Its in North America USA, the name sounds Hawaiian.

Lake Oahe, South Dakota. I'll have to search for something suitable.


Ain't this fun?

That above looks like a dammed river lake. I'm alookin...

Sorry, been out of the loop for a while. For any who might be interested the lake is Broken Bow Lake surrounded by the Ouachita National Forest is SE Oklahoma.

I went past there in 1982 on my first bicycle tour. Sorry I did not remember it? I had ridden from Yellowstone Nat Park Wyoming, to Old Washington State Park in Arkansas.

How about where is this shot taken? Its the same spot in summer and winter. Hint: Its a canyon named...?

Anyone but my friend Kayla, can you guess what canyon these two shots were shot in above? It's from the same place one in the summer of 2008 and the other the winter of 2007-08. Note the differences in tree's and snow and grass. The summer shot was in August, the winter before the mountains and valley below got over 650 total inches of snow, leaving 20 foot snow drifts at 10,000 feet in August.

November 24, 2020
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