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condensation in baggage

this may or may not be an issue that some of us have come across but yes, condensation in the baggage is also possible so how do we overcome this?

In my house, to get rid of condensation in my cupboards i leave the door open, but i can't exactly leave my bag open otherwise it will be open to thieves!!

Any suggestions?


sounds like you are carrying some baggage  he he

or at least while the bag is in your possession leave it cracked open a little and maybe just maybe, stop putting wet stuff inside.

Very funny!! :-) no i don't put wet things in my bag...but if you are going to go camping and it rains... then yes...unless you have a waterproof bag its quite possible for water to get into the bag...


thanks for the advice thou...will defo keep it in mind!

Looks like SnowGoose beat me to the Silica Gel suggestion.

don't get that silica gel confused for salt though.  I have heard of that happening and not a good experience for the user.

November 24, 2020
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