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Intro to Geocaching

I have started geocaching.  It's a great way to get out and see things.  My daughters and I have a lot of fun finding "Treasure".  I fits in nicely with my outdoor adventures too.  I can hunt for geocaches just about everywhere I'm already going.  I've found caches on kayak trips, fly fishing trips, camping trips, and trips to the local grocery.  If you have a GPS or a smart phone, then you should give it a try.

Nice evangelism.  I've been caching for well over 11 years now.  Like you, it has worked it way into my routine.

I'd recommend you get a dedicated GPS ASAP.  The smart phone app is nice, but it's SO slow at updating. Plus, with a GPS and a Premeium Membership at, you can creat and download "pocket queries."  PQs are files you can create with all the data of up to 1,000 caches, then transfer that data directly to your GPS.  No more loading caches one at a time.  Plus, you get all the info on the cache, including the description, hint, and recent logs.  It'll change the way you geocache forever.

BTW, what's you geocaching user name?  I'm w9jim.

Cache on!


I joined a geocaching site when I got my GPSr just to practice with it a bit around my neighborhood. There were a couple of caches within easy walking distance. The site is and it has about everything you'd want to know on it.

Like you guys, I like to incorporate geocaching into my outdoor routines. It just naturally ties into hiking, and I even bring my GPSr when I go backpacking to try and find some caches around camp.

I, too, suggest getting a dedicated GPSr rather than using a smart phone, if you're serious about it as a hobby.

Anyone who wants to add me on, my username is jackhammer918

I've been working a lot and slacking on caching, but I always enjoy new friends :)

Thanks for promoting geocaching, it's such a great supplement to outdoor adventures.  Got into it about 9 years ago at a friend's introduction, so much fun for pretty much all ages all kinds of folks.  Having two kids during the last 7 years slowed me down some, but the littlest is getting close to the age where she can enjoy it.  GC name is doggymcnuggets for any interested in connecting.

I too suggest getting a dedicated GPS for more precise and timely tracking.  Thanks for the info on PQs Jim, will have to try them if my aged GPS can do it ;)  Enjoy the new hobby Arson, try to check out some of the different kinds of caches - virtual caches (interesting locations w/o a hand-on cache to find), travel bugs, etc.  Thanks to all, you've inspired me to get out & do some caching!

My GC name is ArsonHammockHanger.  Look me up, and thanks for the advise on getting a dedicated GPSr.  I've been looking seriously at the etrex 20.

BTW Latitude918, went to send you a friend request on, says you're not currently accepting friend requests.  Maybe a setting in your account profile or something?  Or you've just heard all the bad things about me, I swear they're not all entirely 100% true :)

I must be getting old and cranky but when I stumble onto a metal box cache in the woods during my backpacking trips I consider it to be human detritus and trash no different than old green propane containers or junk skillets.  In fact, I'd probably haul it out as litter and toss it in the first trash receptacle if I didn't already have too much weight on my back.

Thanks guys for the geocaching reference.  I stumbled upon this thread when I was deciding which GPS was to replace my old one.  Found my first and second caches today out where I walk my dog. 

Trailma said:

Thanks guys for the geocaching reference.  I stumbled upon this thread when I was deciding which GPS was to replace my old one.  Found my first and second caches today out where I walk my dog. 

 Congrats on your first finds.....  It's a slippery slope from there. Ha, Ha....

I ahve been wanting to do this activity....just never have gotten around to it.....perhaps now is the time.....

Some people had some follow-up questions on my video so I decided to do a "Follow-up" video....

Another nice video.  I think you'll find that not all geocaches are going to be that easily found.

May 10, 2021
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