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Breaking in new mountaineering boots?

How long do you break in lowa mountaineering boots? I have the weeishorn boots which I hike for 20km. It still feels dog tired. Am I getting too old? 

Those are B3 boots (if I am not mistaken).... so I am not quite sure what you are expecting in terms of break in with relation to fatigue. They will never be completely comfortable for hiking, which is probably why you are still tired.

Are you going to be doing serious mountaineering and ice climbing? Otherwise I would get something else for hiking.

TJ is spot on.  Breaking in boots is more of an artifact of the leather boot days (some still love them) where the leather conformed to your foot.  Synthetic boots are supposed to be more ready to wear.

I'd never try to wear my Mammut Mamook mountaineering boots on a hike.  As a matter of fact I wore waterproof trail runners to Camp Muir before I put on my big boots to summit with. 

mountaineering boots are no good for trail hiking. you need to get some hiking boots. check the gear pages.

I disagree abotu breakin.  Synthetic boots, like moutaineering boots or ski boots, may still need to be broken in.  Even if a synthetic or plastic outer doesn't stretch like leather does, there is foam in there that compresses.  At a minimum, I would wear these sorts of big stiff boots for an hour a night for a week at home so they would conform to my feet a little.  But 20km of hiking should be more than that. 


Then the other side of breaking in boots is not to conform them to your feet, but just to discover if there are any problems or they put pressure on any bad places.  You need to discover that before you really need them.  Maybe these just don't fit right?

November 25, 2020
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