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midlife crisis !!??

well not that bad , but new here and looking for a little advice if poss

Im planning a short trip to Iceland with my daughter in January . I already have a garmin gpsmap 64s    is it possible to load Iceland on to this? , boots wise ive been looking at salewa raven . these wont be purchased for this trip alone so Im not worried about spending for a single use. also if anyone has experience of this time of year over there , what would you suggest vehicle wise....4x4 ?  or not

any advice on these and other tips very much appreciated

p.s  hello to the forum!!


Welcome to Trailspace!

I don't have a lot of experience with Iceland, just a couple short visits. But I have it on my bucket list.

The 64s is a  North America unit. There are Euro Garmins that include Iceland and Greenland, though I am not sure you can readily get them here. You might just call Garmin (their HQ is in Kansas). I have used one of their South American units that provided a lot more info (and multiple languages). For SA, though, the mapping was not as good as the US versions (probably due to the lower quality of maps that the individual countries have).

At this time of year, yes, you want (and can rent) 4wd in Iceland. But keep in mind that Iceland at this time of year is fairly stormy and lots of snow (despite the Gulf Current passing by).

Hi Karl,

I'm presuming you and your daughter are day hiking? Most of my family is from Iceland, and 4x4 is needed year-round for most sight seeing. Once you get out of town, the road typically degrades big-time, even on Rt. 1 (the ring-road).

Depending on your itinerary, I'd recommend getting in touch with a professional guide service. The pros there will really make sure you have everything covered, and you can focus on having quality time with your daughter. Even if you're not hiring a guide, they will most likely be more than happy to help you with rental GPS, gear checklists and more. 

Are you planning on some serious trekking? Those boots are pretty hardcore... I personally like giant boots because of a compromised ankle, so I'm definitely not trying to talk you out of them. Please let us know how your planning & trip goes!

Welcome to Trailspace!!!

Thanks for these responses...exactly the kind of help i was hoping for. This has answered things i was already  thinking but just wanted that extra opinion. We will be mostly day hiking with a trip out in tge car at night to see the lights hopefully. Ill contact garmin or a local dealer on mapping options.

Hi just an update.  I checked with my local outdoor shop where i originally bought the garmin. It seems iceland isnt available for it...bots..i decuded in the end on the salewa blackbird. Really pleased with them so far , a very comfy fit straight from the box.

Hi Karl, I can't help you with Iceland, but welcome to Trailspace!

Thanks all for the welcomes. 

September 25, 2020
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