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10' x 10' Free-Standing Canopy : 18" Round Stakes or Weighted Bags to secure?

we bought a new 10' x 10' free-standing canopy and are wondering the best way to keep it on the ground. should i invest in the weighted bags, or are 18" round stakes the better and easier choice?

if you advise round stakes, what is the best way to employ them? rope or ratchet strap?? i'm new to all of this, so please dumb it way down for me. thanks in advance! :D

I would think stakes are the better option and not as heavy as well.  Of course, you need a hammer.  i would run a rope from the top to the stake if it were my choice....

If the ground doesn't take stakes well tie a slip knot around some big rocks nearby.  then you don't need to bring bags

A strong wind can lift a 30 to 40lb bag/anchor, I know this from experience.

An  18" stake is long, giving you much anchorage, but personally I'd prefer another shape.

January 21, 2021
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