9:02 p.m. on January 10, 2017 (EST)
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How do people carry medication on the trail? Do they have a bunch of prescription bottles or a pill holder?

10:25 p.m. on January 10, 2017 (EST)
236 reviewer rep
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Ziploc bag with Prevacid and Advil.

12:19 a.m. on January 11, 2017 (EST)
125 reviewer rep
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Ziploc.  I know each prescription by visual.  I also carry a med list as part of my personal id docs, just in case others need to know...


11:01 a.m. on January 11, 2017 (EST)
73 reviewer rep
4,077 forum posts

I carry some blood pressure drugs, aspirin, advil, supplements and CBD.

Last fall my busted hip gave me some trouble, so I tried a half tab of Hydrocodone for the the trip out. Big mistake. At elevation it made me dizzy and weak. I had to stop a lot. Okay for a rest day, but not for hiking.

11:03 a.m. on January 11, 2017 (EST)
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My wife uses a seven day pill holder for her daily doses. 


Everything else goes in the First Aid Kit in pill bottles...

11:07 a.m. on January 11, 2017 (EST)
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I keep my perscription meds in the container in my first aid kit...Asprin etc is in individual bags marked...

11:33 a.m. on January 11, 2017 (EST)
11,883 reviewer rep
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I use individual tiny bags for each type of medication. This keeps the meds from contacting each other, if someone has allergies to specific meds. 

7:46 p.m. on January 11, 2017 (EST)
7,173 reviewer rep
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Little baggies full of pills?  To the innocent it looks innocent.  As a former law enforcement officer I used to call it probable cause for arrest

Like Ed says, also bring documentation.  You may be unconscious and aid workers will need to know what meds you are on. 

I don't think it is likely to be a problem unless you are passing through Customs or otherwise anger local authorities but if you don't keep a prescription in a container with the prescription information and your name on it proving that it was prescribed to you you could land in trouble with the law. OTC medicines are no problem.  

In WA, where I live having a prescription drug that isn't (or one you can't prove is) prescribed to you is a misdemeanor called "Possession of a Legend Drug." If they think you are dealing, its a felony, the same level of severity as check fraud, higher than if you had sold a child. You never know which cop you'll meet. 

You may not get convicted if it is really your medication but unless going to jail for a few days is your idea of fun, I'd have an old prescription container to keep your  medicine in while you travel to avoid trouble.  Of course then thieves who see your prescription medicine containers may try to steal them, not knowing if they are valuable or not, to sell on the street.

No good answers, play the odds as you see them. 

Law-abiding people never think about these things. 

7:32 a.m. on January 12, 2017 (EST)
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Exactly the reason Jeff just said is why I keep my persciption meds in the container...I live close to a National scenic trail and drug users also use it and the local police know it...I am friends with some sheriffs deputies and my family has worked in law enforcement...

6:08 p.m. on January 12, 2017 (EST)
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I don't carry any prescription meds. I typically have alieve, immodium, Benadryl, and some cold/flu stuff like dayquill. The dayquill, immodium, and Benadryl I leave in their blister packaging. The alieve I use one of those plastic tubes that the smallest containers of advil etc come in.

7:30 p.m. on January 12, 2017 (EST)
11,883 reviewer rep
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All of my meds happen to be OTC (except my rX EpiPen) and there is a med description sheet in my kit with my SOAP notes. I uploaded the image to show Jsp Wayne a common way WFR's and WEMT's store meds in their kits without taking up much space...

5:03 p.m. on February 25, 2017 (EST)
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My meds are illegal in some states, I'm a medical cannabis patient, so I pack my card, my vaping pen and cartridges in their original packaging because that has my doctor's contact info.  

Im also discreet.  

But this is a case where the laws haven't caught up yet.  

April 9, 2020
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