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What are pack pockets...

The pack pockets in my new Marmot PreCip jacket are a mystery. Will someone please tell me how they are used? I can see that they are not pockets as such and assume that there must be some kind of proprietary pack that fits neatly into the the knitted slot without falling out the open-ended bottom. I could use some help moving on from here. Thanks.

My older Precip pockets (one on each side) are normal zipped pockets with a sewn bottom in the mesh.

Perhaps you have a new feature not yet documented - the Precip black hole.

Take it back and see if the clerk can come up with some use. Depends upon where you bought it, you could get some very creative responses.

Starting under each arm at the pits there is a long zip opening that is used for ventilating moisture if you over heat. Those are just simple somewhat water protected jacket openings. The jacket is waterproof and any perspiration or moisture from wet clothes under it will need to go someplace.

Without the vents you would soon be as damp on the inside as the jacket is on the out.

It saves you having to flap your jacket to vent the moisture.

I could be over simplifying this and if so do appologize, but stated on marmots web site is this:

(Pack Pockets™ - Slanted Chests Pockets That Can Be Accessed While Wearing a Pack).

Basically they are higher up on the jacket and at a different angle to allow better access to whats inside. The gap between the pocket and the jacket is there to create better breathability and to make sure things in the pockets fully dry.

I get it now. Missed the hidden zipper just south of the pit zip. Thanks to both of you for your help.

Gee, I thought Pack Pockets were punks that frequented the Adirondacks and stole people’s gear as they passed by on the trail…

No Ed, those are pike pockets. They steal your gear while traveling on toll roads. :-)

December 1, 2020
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