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Me and 5 (4 guys 2 girls total) buddies are planning a 6 day, 5 night trip through the smokies.

Talk to me about undies and socks. How many should I bring?

What I have heard "one to wear, one to wash, and one to change into" is a good rule of thumb...

...I do not want to get all super-gross-and-nasty out there.

My usual philosophy is one to wear plus a spare, but since you will be in mixed company, changing at least every other day wouldn't hurt. Keep a clean set of clothes in the car at the trail-head to change into for the trip home. It will be more comfortable and less smelly.

The women might want to check out the thread on feminine hygiene here:

It’s really a personal thing, what you bring depends on how comfortable you are living in your crusties, and subjecting others to your funky smell.  If you sweat and stink, like me, changing every other day will create a mutiny, and you’ll find yourself sleeping outside, having been kicked out of the tent by your co-habitant!  Two pairs, in addition to what you wear is a good plan; it not like undies weigh much anyway.  A chance waiting at the car is also good too, as is a jug of water, soap, and bath towel for washing (or a stop ASAP at a facility with showers for hire).  Nothing like a long drive home in a car filled with folks reeking like street bums after a week in the fresh outdoors…


Taking three sounds pretty damn comfortable provided you have the space to pack and not too heavy on the overall weight.  I know these garments don't weigh too much and I usuaaly take a similar but not more amount.  With mostly MX(plated) dirt biking adventure camping I would take,

- x1pr heavy thick mountaineering moisture wicking/transfer socks

- x1pr medium athletic Coolmax or similar moisture wicking/transfer

- x1pr thin liner moisture wicking/transfersocks

reviews of the first and third on my profile

AT the outside I may take the Rocky Gore-Tex oversocks.

Never taking more than 4pr and preferably taking three pair as the max.

As for underwear I like and again for all, moisture wicking/transfer, taking 2 pair of briefs and one pair of Under Armour O Series Boxerjock Briefs - Men's 9" Inseam.  If possible I will only take two pair, one brief and one boxer briefs.

You will probably find they you can make do with less than you think.

November 24, 2020
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