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Sawyer squeeze filter

I would like to know if anyone has used this system?  They claim it will filter 1 million gallons of water for only around 60 dollars.  The weight is only 3 oz, and it will filter down to .1 micron.

I want to get it, but it sounds to good to be true...

Dang, this seems to be the gig.  I am now exceited. I hate pumping water, really I's a lot of work.  Gravity systems seem great but they clog, fast.  Squeeze the bag, dang, I bet I could pay the kids a dollar to squeeze the bag.  I bet I could get my dog to sit on the bag, and he weighs a lot.  1 million gallons per unit use, dang...... ok then. As there are many options on their price list I'll give them a call on monday.  I'm tired of speculating...............go to the source.  I will have them convince me why I should by there product.  Plus I've discovered it's really fun talking to these guys/gals if they actually know what there talking about.  I'm game

I sent a email to them, and I also was thinking how nice it would to be sitting on the squeeze bottle and watch it fill my klean kanteen while eating a sandwich at the same time.  Please let me know what they said.



1 million gallons ( 4 million quarts), one could never drink it all in their life time. Have to hand it down to the great great grandchildren.

My Katadyn "Hiker" Pro pumps very easily at 1 liter every 20 seconds. I can fill 3 liters in about one minute. But it only will filter 200 gallons of water, meaning I would have to replace the filter mechanism every two years at 4 quarts a day.  Weighs 11 oz.



I have a sawyer gravity feed system. All you have to do to unclog them is disconnect the filter from the dirty water line and to squeeze the clean water bag. I filter directly in to my Camelbak reservoir. You could easily just sit on the dirty water bladder if you can't hang it.  They also make an inline filter (the 3-way).

They also make a .02 micron filter which will get rid of viruses. Because the pores are so small its flow rate is very low. gave it a bad review but I don't think he tested it properly. He did not put enough tubing between his dirty water bladder and the filter therefore it did not have enough head pressure.

Really interesting product. Not too happy with the MSR sweetwater, had to be cleaned almost every litre, gets annoying on a weeklong trip. I'd be interested to hear about your opinion apeman, let us know if you are able to get into contact with them. The website and video still look a little amateur but everyone starts somewhere right? Thanks for showing that Mike.

I recently purchased the squeeze filter by sawyer and it is the next step in light weight high quality water filtration.  The system seems to work great.  Fast flow, minimal maintenance (it comes with a syringe for backwashing that ive never had to use in the field).  And at .01 microns it surpasses the msr and katadine pump filters.  I can filter 2L of water in about 30 sec.  Got it for $47 on ebay.  Best purchase i've made in a while.  At just 3 oz. yet another bonus.

Careful your comparing the same filtration systems, my old mini-works is a .02 micron filter.  This would compare to their "water purification system" NOT the .10 micron "water filtration system".   I too would love a simple system that is easy to use and filters to .02 or better micron, but I think the big differences in the two main systems it the filter size, .10 vs .02.  I think that is on the order of 50 times smaller, and therefor that much harder to pump water through.   One of the main reasons that most .02 micron filters are pump based, you have to "Force" the water through the smaller openings. 

If you look at the Research page the flow rates that they are showing are base on a 5 and 55 gallon storage systems and a fair amount of head height.  Neither of which I think would be practical in back packing.  Although sitting on it may just do the trick!  Some of us have plenty of built in "Head Pressure"! :) 

I am not saying that this system is not a good system, I am just saying that make sure you are comparing the same systems. The site has a good if basic review of some of the different systems out there and the different ways of "Cleaning" water to drink, it's here at Backcountry Water Treatment Part 4:  Methods for Making Water Safe

Anyone else use this system?  Would love to hear more for someone that actually has used it.

By the way, from my recall, I believe even .02 micron lets some of the real nasty things through, but they are very rare in North American, mostly in tropics if I remember.  (Footnote:  My memory is some times better then other times! :) )


COST NOTE:  I chaecked the pricing and the .02 micron system is $236.49! This was the only option I could find for their water purification system (SP194)

I am curious if the .02 microns pore size is absolute or nominal?

This does sound interesting, especially the weight, but the most important thing to me is function.

As of 5:00 PM no respond to my email.  If I get any information I will post the email.

I tend not to jump on the bandwagon and buy the newest gear to hit the market, prefering to have it stand the test of time for a few seasons to judge durability and practicaity.

That being said, this filter does look promising. I would love to find out how it handles truely skanky water(swamp/marsh water or stagnant mud puddles). In my adventurers i fairly often have to resort to filtering some nasty stuff and my miniworks really shines at such tasks.


I just got a email and my question was do they make a .02 micron version of the squeeze filter.   They said "It will be introduced next month."  The point of contact was John T. Smith.


It is .02 microns absolute.

When I was researching filters I all of the filters I could find were .2 microns except Sawyer's.  I didn't pick the Sawyer because it had smaller pores. I picked it because it is extremely easy to field service. No small parts to lose, just disconnect the dirty water side and squeeze the clean water bag.

Basically if all you need to do is remove protozoa (cryptosporidum, giardia) and bacteria (E. Coli, cholera, salmonella) all you need to do is filter the water with a .2 micron absolute filter. This level of filtration is fine for the US and Canada.  

If you need to remove viruses you have several choices

  1. use a .02 micron absolute filter like the Sawyer SP194
  2. use a filter with some sort of chemical filtration like General Ecology's First Need
  3. add chemicals like iodine or chlorine
  4. use ultraviolet light like Steri Pen and the new Camel Bak Bottle. 

Dose anyone know of a good source on the different size filtering "openings" and what that dose and dose not filter?   I am starting to get a little confused, not to hard for me. :) 

So with filtering, their seems to be either .10 micron, or .20 micron?  Twice as big of opening?

And for water purification the standard is .02 microns, but like I said in the earlier post I think even this lets some of the nastiness through. 

Maybe this would be a good Article for someone to write....  Did I just suggest extra work!! 

I guess I will need to get started.... 


Don't think that .1 and .2 micron filters arn't effective at treating your water, because they do effectively remove anything except viruses, which arn't a concern in North America.

The Miniworks is .2 not .02 Wolfman. You are correct however that water PURIFICATION's standard is .02 microns. Be careful not to intercharge the term filtration and purification.

A .2 micron filter will remove everything exept viruses, and it will even remove alot of viruses even though it is not rated to do so. Viruses are commonly bound to bacteria or other nasties in the water and are therefor able to be filtered out, but obviously not as reliable as a filter designed to purify water.

It's a little hard to use but the CDC has a database online of all bacteria and viruses and what size filter is needed to remove them if applicable. Problem is the database has everything in it and not just waterborne ones. Just go to cdc website and search filtering water then click on the link for the database. Then click on the corresponding links for each bacteria under the brief description fr more detailed information.

Thanks for the info Rambler!  I told you all my memory was going! :)  So yea, Miniworks is .2 NOT .02,   Insert face plant!

Now I am even more interested in the gravity systems, which MSR has one also, did not know that.  It would seem like a user friendly system, just hang it up and let it work.  If it works as advertised.  

Although I do like the ability to clean the Miniworks filter in the field, it's very easy and then the filter goes back to pumping at full speed.   Certainly  something someone should write a good comparative article on!


Why redo something that someone else has already done!!  To everyone that wants lots of information on water filtration and purification please take a look at the following article. 

Zen Water Purification, Filtration and Treatment

I know the title is a little funny but I have read good things about this guy (?) and the article is VERY informative.  I am olny half way through it and have learned lots.  Be warned, it's a big article.  :)  Have coffee ready!


Hope this helps any and all that wanted more info about this subject!  

Now you just have to decide on a system!!  :)

Ocalacomputer guy said:


It is .02 microns absolute.

Thanks, I generally do my own research but I've been way behind recently.

Does your info come from their website?


Also for a great read on water & treatment you can read the 4 part article by Bill S. right here on Trailspace.

Here is a link to Part 1- Proper Hydration.  Links to subsequent parts are at the bottom of each article.

Here is a link to Part 4 - Methods for making water safe. This part discusses various water treatment options and techniques.

This is a very informative article and well worth reading....even if you already know it all. haha.

Trouthunter said

Ocalacomputer guy said:


It is .02 microns absolute.

Thanks, I generally do my own research but I've been way behind recently.

Does your info come from their website?


BassPro has the 12, 16, and 32 oz version for 49.99.

I've been testing the Sawyer squeeze for the past few weeks and will be switching to it full-time. I'm going to use it with soda water bottles and a platypus though. It filters water very quickly in Squeeze/gravity mode, and you can get 2 quarts out of it in 3 minutes or less (if you squeeze).

I have the 2-liter gravity feed system by sawyer and like it.  Does anybody know of a pump that could be used with it? 

I just ordered it and am going to test it soon after it arrives. I think it will work good to get my water ready each day quickly on the trek. I want to be sure all my water is filtered each morning for the coming day. I also have a pen, but don't want to leave my self with no alternatives should the pen malfunction.

One of you that has or is getting this filter, would you mind testing it on some really skanky water? Like get water from a swamp or mud puddle etc. I have no doubt it works good on semi clear streams and lakes/ponds etc. Pics and video!

The only reason I stick with my miniworks is the ability to filter skanky water.

If I get a chance this weekend I'll test my gravity fed out on some lake water.  In Florida, if the lake is not spring fed the water is semi-cloudy and "skanky" if you stir it up.

I'll let you know one way or the other.

I will try to get something skanky in mine this weekend too. It will be here Thursday.

Got my filter in the mail. Will be trying it this weekend. I like that it comes with three size bags. I am going to try to get out to Calico Tanks. If there is still water there, it should be pretty skanky. I will video it for The Rambler to see.

I had hoped to get this out and filled with some yucky water so I could report on it. Alas, there was no water on any of my adventures this weekend! I will just keep it with me in case I come across soem water that I could test it on this week.

Went on a Cub Scout camp out I didn't get a chance to filter until it clogged but my 2-liter gravity fed filtered some skanky water.  Dipped a five gallon bucket into the lake and it was too clear. Threw a couple of handfuls of bottom muck in and stirred. You couldn't see the bottom at all of the orange bucket at all.

Filled up the dirty bladder and filtered.  Nice clear water at full speed. Filtered another 2-liters. No slow down.  The Cub Scouts enjoyed drinking the water out of the filter. 

One thing that may be different from the squeeze filter is that the dirty water bag is tapped above the bottom like a camelbak reservoir. This gives the sediment a place to settle instead of getting sucked into the filter. I've never seen the exact design of the squeeze filter.

ocala: At first look it simply looks like a bag with nothing inside. Full on open bag. You attach the filter piece to the top and all of the work is done there. You can see by looking at the picture below what I mean:


You turn it upside down and it runs from the end that looks like a sports bottle nipple and you fill your bottle or drink right from it.

So...................... I have this Katadyn Base camp water filter and was wondering what your thoughts are regarding using it a squeeze filter. It seems to work on the same principle as the Sawyers. A bag o water with a filter at the end. Works buy hanging the bag up adding water and gravity does it's thing. Any reason that I should think twice before using it as a squeeze filter. I will be contacting Katadyn about this but they may have never had the question posed to them. Any thoughts? The particulars are in the link below.

From the looks of the picture giftogab posted it looks like sediment might be a problem.  When you hang the dirty bag of the gravity model a large amount of the sediment settles below the "out" tube and doesn't get into the filter. 

Does the connector on the squeeze bag extend into the bag?  If it does then you shouldn't have any problem with nasty lake water. If it doesn't then it may need cleaning more often.

Here are some pix that may help. The connector is female and just screws on the bag like a bottle top.


The gab interior

This is looking into the opening of the filter itself


This is the side view of the filter. Bottom hooks to the bag.

January 16, 2022
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