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Buyer Beware at Bauer

I recently purchased a Jetboil Sumo Titanium stove from Eddie Bauer.  The problem is that they are actually shipping out the regular less expensive regular sumo.

Their website ad depicts and describes the Sumo TI for $190.  But they actually ship the $130 regular Sumo.  

It took several phone calls, including a phone call to Jetboil, and emails with pictures of the item they had sent to me, to convince them of their error.  But they didn't agree to exchange it for a Sumo TI, they would only refund the purchase price (which was a sales price at which I cannot now purchase another Sumo TI, so I've lost the benefit of the bargain and the opportunity to have purchased the same item at a discount from another retailer.)  

Eddie Bauer said that the one I got is the only type they have.  They blamed Jetboil for sending them regular Sumos instead of the titanium Sumos.  Hey, that's between Eddie Bauer and Jetboil - Eddie Bauer owes me a Sumo TI for the price they agreed to sell it to me.  They can go to REI or EMS to buy one then ship it to me and pick up the one they sent.

And refunding my purchase price doesn't correct the problem for all the other people who paid for a Sumo TI but received a regular Sumo.

As of today Eddie Bauer is still advertising the Sumo TI on their website.  Jetboil was able to determine that it is not the Sumo TI because the Sumo TI has a sand colored cozy (as depicted in the picture at the Eddie Bauer site) but the item Eddie Bauer ships out has the orange cozy that is only on the regular Sumo.  Moreover, the packaging is for the regular Sumo, not the Sumo TI.

If you look carefully at the Eddie Bauer website for the Sumo TI you'll see a color swatch to the left of the picture of the Sumo TI - that color swatch is the orange color of the sumo regular, even though if you roll over it it says "sand".  

So if you are looking for Sumo TI stay away from Eddie Bauer.  You'll pay for one but you won't get one.

Eddie Baeur has been owned by the Speigel Co. the NY sportswear outfit.  They recently got sold to someone else and sound like they may be getting back into outdoor equipment.  They have fallen a long way from the inventors of down clothing and purveyors of bamboo fly rods.  I would not buy a pair of socks from them until they demonstrate a new strategy for outdoor retailing.

I got a call from the distributor of Jetboil products and the "ceo's office" for Eddie Bauer.  They are sending me a Sumo TI free of charge, they are reducing the price I paid for the Summo regular by another 40% (I guess they just don't want it back), and they are tracking down the other people who ordered a TI but may have gotten a Sumo.  What they will do for them I don't know. They said it was a mix up in ordering and distribution, whatever that means.

I told them that all I wanted was a Sumo TI for the price I had paid but the insisted on going through with the free Sumo TI and the additional 40% on the Sumo Regular.  I'll give the Sumo regular to my son.

So I can say that Eddie Bauer will fix a screw up once you get past the initial customer service rep.  I guess the key is to ask to transferred to the "CEO's office" if the initial customer service rep isn't responsive to your issues.

You have to be persistant, even when it goes against policy.  Just be nice (no cussing or demeaning the Customer Service Rep.  Ask for a Supervisor or go over their head. Stick to your guns.  Thanks for the info that EB is no longer EB.  They had a great deal on Cascade Designs Xtherms I hear.


Perhaps your item was drop shipped from Jet Boil and never physically in possession of EB?

Regardless, good thing they made good on the situation.  Given their initial response, something tells me it wasn't through kind heartedness they made amends.  Misrepresenting merchandise for sale is called fraud, and a federal crime (mail fraud) if shipped via USPS.


Or maybe someone at one of the two companies is doing their job, and getting Google Alerts on their name and products. And when they saw this thread pop up, they realized they had a problem.


And they fixed it.

December 5, 2020
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