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Coffee in the backcountry VIDEO

Coffee in the backcountruy...a great way to start your day!  I usually just take along instant coffee. It's quick and easy, but not always the best tasting, so I've put together this little video that shows some of the methods I have found to be useful when I want to brew a cup of fresh coffee while camping in the backcountry.

   Enjoy    -Wayne-


For the backcountry, simple is better.  Leave the gizmos at home.  The suspended paper filter is almost worth having.

those are the coghlans coffee filters. I use them for loose leaf tea too. they work great and weigh next to nothing. I use a melitta for my bc coffee. he used one in the video. either method is good. you get real coffee, not that instant crap!

Wayne, I noticed you never stirred the coffee before pressing; I think you should always do this.

After a year of using the coffee bags, both dunking ones and the fold-out filter ones (Sainsbury's, UK), I am going back to ground coffee. Same with the sachets of fine ground instant mix. The experience just left me mad as hell and I'm not going to take it anymore...

So, good fresh roasted beans and it's back to the drawing board.

Hey there Pathloser...I never thought of stirring the coffee before pressing...I just pour the hot water in and let it do it's own 'mix' thing, but I think I will try stirring it next time I brew a cup!

   Thanks    -Wayne-

I don't do instant.... I used to until I went hiking with a guy that just ate it from a spoon. I don't do de-cafe anymore either after reading how they make it.

These days I carry a linen bag sewn to a wire and place ground coffee in that. Then i use that about the same way you would a tea bag. 

My wife calls it Captain Condom LOL

I have this little box of starbucks 'singles' my dad got for free and doesn't really have a use for. Amazing little things for a pack, specially when they're free :D


Great video, you do a good job with them. To me Starbucks Via instant is just as good as fresh.  It's all I take anymore; less weight, fewer gizmos to pack, and less to pack out.


Fresh ground coffee in your cup a generous amount I like it strong. Hot water and give it a stir, let it set. The grounds will drop to the bottom. Leave the last sip in the cup to sling over your shoulder.No muss no fuss!!!

September 22, 2020
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