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Larger pots work with Trangia 27 windscreen setup?

I just acquired a rare stove that uses the Trangia pot/windscreen system.  Last night, I ordered the 27 series upper and lower windscreen and a Trangia frypan/lid combo for it that should be more than large enough to do bacon and pasta meals, since the 27 kit has pots that are too small, but I did not need such large pots that come with the 25 Series combos.  I've never seen either setup before in person, so I was wondering how well a larger pot would work with the smaller 27 series windscreens?  For instance if I order a small 25 series pot like a 1.5L pot?  Will it fit on top of the upper windscreen ok?  I see both systems have the inner pot supports that swivel out and up to support larger pots/pans.


My Evernew 1.3L ti pot works great on the Trangia windscreen system, larger pots will sit on the fold out supports that have the pot sitting above the ws.


October 24, 2020
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