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Water purification with ease

I just got back from a 4 day backpacking trip with a new cycling friend who brought this product call Aquamira. It's two small bottles of liquids that when mixed together in about 7 drops each makes a tasteless way to purify water in the back country. 

I just looked it up online at: 

Comes in two small bottle weighing just around an ounce.

Mixes in the white cap of Part B above, turns yellow after a 5 minute wait, then added to water it takes a minimum of 15 minutes to purify the water. 

Worked great for us at very water stop from a couple high alpine lakes and mountain streams and water falls. Much lighter than my trusty old pump water purifier! 

I plan to get some asap for my next out door adventures

I like the two step chem treatments, too.  No added taste, and besides, I didn't go camping to do cardio with a pump.  Normally I draw water from sources that are very unlikely to make you ill if consumed untreated; nevertheless I bring along one of these kits for where such unsullied water cannot be found nearby, just when you need it.


Great idea. People seem stuck on using pumps. Maybe people still have bad memories of using tablets and the off taste of the water. They don't like waiting around for an hour for them to work.

I have a Kayadyn hiker that got pretty gunked up with the algae in even the alpine lakes this summer. I cleaned it out, but it will not be long before the $70 device will require a new $50 filter. Thanks for the post.


I like Aqua Mira too. I am conscious of the fact that it technically needs 4 hours to kill crypto and giardia - but I haven't gotten sick yet. I"ll typically stick with a contact time of 1 hour.

We would fill our water bottles when we stopped for breaks at streams, refill our bottles, add the Aquamira and then by the time we stopped again to rest and refill it was decontaminated. 

Me and the Grand Teton (left) at sun set.

I carry the MicroPur tablets as a back up to using a gravity filter. I haven't tried the Aqua Mira drops yet.

Pump filters are great for a group who needs water fast, but a small gravity filter is all I use these days.

For someone traveling UL who has to water up on the move with little time to spare, chemical treatment makes a lot of sense.

We use a gravity filter as well.  

There are two things I really don't like at the end of a long day on the trail...blowing up air matresses and using a pump filter. This site fixed the air mattress with the wondefrfully cheap Instaflator, and the Sawyer filter is now my go to treatment. I stuck with the chemicals including Aquamira for years but gave them up, except as a backup, to the Sawyer. It handles everything except viruses, so in the rare case I am concerned about my water source, I usually boil after filtering.

October 30, 2020
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