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I'm having trouble finding camping gaz fuel for my bleuet 470HP and lumogaz 470. Does anyone know where to purchase it in the US or is there an adaptor for the screw on butane/propane mixes?


Is ths the one? I used to use a camping GAZ stove till I replaced it with a MSR stove

I found this at Ebay

I hear it is not sold in the US any longer.  Apparently Coleman bought them, but then stopped selling them in the US.  There were two types.  The first was the puncture type cans that couldn't be removed until empty and the second was had dimples and was detachable, compared to the common screw on ones.  

I have heard that there is a Coleman Peak 1 stove sold at Walmart for $17 that is actually made by GAZ and it says Gaz on the smaller control knob which is underneath the big covering knob.  Supposedly,  the bottom of this stove, where it attaches to the fuel canister, can be unscrewed and switched with the bottom of some older Gaz stoves and lanterns so the older stoves can be used with available screw on canisters. 

If you have any empty canisters, and you are feeling bold, you can find instructions on the internet on how to refill them.

DrPhun has part of the story correct. The 200 and 206 versions of the canister are puncture canisters and fit the 200 model stove. He is correct that you cannot (or more accurately, SHOULD NOT!!) remove the stove top before the fuel is completely exhausted.

The Bleuet 470HP stove and and Bleuet Lumogaz lantern and all the canisters in the photo are puncture type, although the attachment mechanism is slightly different. The small canister in the center, a 106, intended to take the 100 and 106 stoves.
For safety reasons, I would strongly suggest you not even try to use the various refill systems on the market. There have been a large number of accidents resulting in burns and frostbite, thanks to the inexperience of the attempted users.

If you use one of the puncture versions (all of those shown are puncture), be extremely careful to avoid unscrewing the burner from the canister. If you still have gas in the canister, when you reach a certain critical point, you will get a strong burst of expanding butane/isobutane/propane at far sub-zero temperatures and almost certainly get a serious case of frostbite. ALWAYS BURN OFF ALL THE FUEL IN THE CANISTER BEFORE REMOVING THE BURNER!!!!

DrPhun is correct that Bleuet was purchased (decades ago) by Coleman about the time that Bleuet (French company) was converting to the standard screw-on connector. Even this setup can spew freezing gas (see my comments in my review of the first "con" listed).

Bleuet no longer exists. There are some of the old puncture style canisters being made and imported to the US from SE Asia. But almost all of them are the standard screwon connector.

I only glanced at it, but IIRC, the Coleman that DrPhun mentions at Wallyworld is the standard screw-on connector. Your Stove and lantern use what amounts to a puncture connector, though a bit different than to old 100, 200, and 400 series of Bleuets.

there is an adapter for the 470 stove - I have one.  Hard to get though, I work for a Swiss company and had a coworker send me one from there.

The 3 EBay offers are to be picked up (you can't ship them) in Sacramento, CA.

I have to make a correction - the 270 and 470 are not puncture canisters. Unlike the 100, 200 and 206, the 270 and 470 have a valve of the same size and diameter as the standard screw-on, although the valve is not a screw-on. MSR made a stove for a while that works with both the standard screw-on valve and the non-threaded Bleuet 270 and 470 valves.

The other 2 EBay offers are for puncture canisters.

The ones with a "Garcia" label were imported by a company in California and probably have been around for a while (like the ones I have but have not used). And no, the ones I have are not for sale. I keep them as a backup to go with the 100, 200, 270 and 470 stoves and lanterns I have.

The puncture type cannot be refueled, only the ones with the valve (once punctured with the mounted burner, you should not remove the burner until all the gas is burned off - otherwise you get a rush of cold gas, which can cause frostbite or explode if there is any kind of flame or spark within 10 feet or so).

Thanks All. I was looking for the non-puncture but semi screw on cans CV 270 and 470. I ordered the ones from Sacramento until I released my mistake on pickup. Guess it is time to upgrade. Hard to part with a working stove and lantern. 

When I traveled Europe on a bicycle  30 years ago I used the 100 puncture style.  I had been using one on my motorcycle trips here I the states and thought it was just the best thing invented as compared to stove where I had to have keys, pump up, and carry fuel that for some reason always leaked somewhere along the trip.  carrying funnels and all the associated other stuff was just a pain in the rear.  The I found the Gaz stoves.  When I went over to Europe, those little canisters were $8+ in most places and I remember going to a mall in a sporting good store and they were $13. 

I sure wish that these canisters were more available and less expensive  I love the little as stoves and lanterns but the fuel is just far to costly. 

Bill S, If I can order gas canisters online thru Amazon then I assume they send them to me by shipping them.  If they ship them then there is most likely a way for you and I to ship them.   Free shipping : Vulcanus Butane Gas : Empty Camping Stove › … › Camp Kitchen › Stove Accessories

... Vulcanus Butane Gas : Empty Camping Stove Fuel ... 12 Butane Fuel GasOne Canisters for Portable Camping ... UPS Ground Shipping Only! 3 Day/2nd Day/ Next …

Dana.  It's more expensive than normal shipping because it's UPS and they have to be shipped in regards to hazardous materials rules, as does ammunition.  Many people are under the impression that you can't ship those but you might ask them really nicely and show them the UPS regs for shipping and see if they would be willing to ship.

I switched to a jetboil stove and love the thing.  I do have about 8 full 470 fuel cans - part of my hurricane supplies


Apeman, the 3 listings you gave in your August 10 post state specifically that you have to pick up in Sacramento. And yes, you can get some butane (actually mix of butane, isobutane, and propane) shipped by UPS at a higher shipping cost and a lot of red tape (as you note). I suspect that the 3 Gaz listing you listed in your Aug 10 post (all by the same person) are canisters the person had sitting around. Note that the ones you listed yesterday are a very different canister and company for a very different stove (the stove is one used in a lot of restaurants where your waiter does some fancy cooking right at the table).

I used the Bleuet stoves and canisters for many years when travelling in Europe, as well as here in the US. I quit using the puncture version after witnessing several cases of frostbite from people who decided to remove the burner before the fuel was exhausted and one case where the canister exploded thanks to the victim removing the burner about 3 feet from a stove being used for cooking.

I don't blame Bleuet for the incidents. People get careless or just plain don't pay attention. Happens with white gas stoves, too.

First time I went to France and Switzerland (1964), I bought a Bleuet 200 stove and canisters. When I flew back on Icelandic Air, I brought a couple of canisters with me. In retrospect, it is scarey that both Icelandic and American Airlines (Luxemburg to Iceland to NY to LA) did not question my taking the canisters on board. OTOH,  Customs at La Guardia wanted to see the "contrabundo" I was hiding in my pack (I didn't have any, but a lot of dirtbags were flying to and from Cuba via Spain - Cuba was a "forbidden zone" in those days, thanks to Castro and lots of restrictions - the inspectors didn't blink at the butane canisters for some reason).

Bill.  Did I say that the sellers in the three listings would ship?  No!  Did I say that if you messaged them to see if they would take the time to package them properly and pay the higher shipping price that they just might do that?  Yes.

Bill, Did the OP not ask, "I'm having trouble finding camping gaz fuel for my bleuet 470HP and lumogaz 470. Does anyone know where to purchase it............Does anyone know where to purchase it in the US...................?".  Are these canisters not located in the US?  In an effort to show the OP that one can buy canisters of gas of off Ebay, did I not give the OP a lead so that she may find these on different Ebay auctions who might ship them?  And who's to say if she lived in or near Sacramento?   Or, what if she know someone in the Sacramento area and buys the canisters for her and then ships them?

Yes, Bill I posted a number of different canisters so show people, but mostly the OP, that gas canisters could be shipped because you, above said that the canisters could not be shipped.  I read that in the context of, "gas canisters cannot be shipped"..........when in fact you said that "these posted canisters could not be shipped".  None the less a person can contact the seller and ask them to ship.  I've done that many times with success.  I've friends in Denver and Portland that will sometimes buy stuff of off EBay and Craigslist when the people won't ship and then ship it to me.  I in return do the same for them.  If those canisters were not so darned expensive I'd buy them, pay for them via paypal and have my ex-girlfriends sister get them and ship them to me.


So as I'm always trying to help is this the adapter that you are looking for?


I'm currently getting in touch with hazmat contractors, in Sacramento that specialize in shipping these things thru UPS.  I'm also asking the guy who has all these canisters if he will just make a deal for them all and just drop them of to be shipped by the appropriate means.  I will let you know.  If this is to much of a hassle and you do not want to deal with it, then I have gaz products and will buy the stuff and have many years worth of gas(Z).  Cause what is the point of owning what I consider the best and easy gas(Z) canister outdoor equipment if you cant use it.


Part of why I seem so abrasive is that people just accept that there is no way to get things done just because someone says no shipping.  I deal with that every day literally, darn near every day.  I can usually find a way to get what I want.  Usually, not always, but usually I find a way to get what I want if the only impediment is "I don't ship".  The way I approach the situations..............Oh,  How about I find a way to make this work seamlessly so that you get rid of your stuff and I get your stuff delivered.

Dana Backer:  If you decide that obtaining fuel for you gaz equipment is prohibitively expensive or just not possible. then I  would be would be interested in buying it/them from you.  Note that I see all of the gaz stuff at the Goodwill because the canisters are so hard to get.  I usually see lanterns and stoves for $5-$7 each. 


Dana, your best bet is to look through the gear reports here on Trailspace and get a new modern design stove. White gas, compressed gas mixes, kerosene, and alcohol all have their enthusiasts for fluid fuels. Forget everything posted in this thread and do your own research in Trailspace's stove section.

LOL, as always the American way is to trash what is old because we can just throw our old stuff away, even if we love it and just buy new crap...............I mean new stuff.  Cause it's the American way.  Frekin Brilliant.

Bill, "sigh" all you want.  Often there are ways to keep our old and beloved equipment going and up and running. 

"Sigh", he said to his neighbor.  Parts are hard to get for that old and tired Model A pick up.  You should just get rid of that and buy and new $60,000 Ford F-350 Super Camper Special.

Really Bill?.........Really?...........Did you just say that?  Forget everyone else's opinion? Forget everything posted in this thread WOW!! 

That is absurd Bill................................just sayin.

Dana Backer: On the other hand Bill might be right.  If you "Forget everything posted in this thread..............." and I can get a life time worth of gaz for my stoves.  I'm ok with that.  To frekin funny...............oh my.

So, I sent a message to the guy/gal with all three ads.  Tellin them that if they could not sell them locally that I'm working one getting a third party to ship them as they are hazardous materials If you have any interest in going thru this process I will give you first crack at it If and when he gets back to me.

If like Bill indicated you wish to consign your older, beloved equipment to non use then I will try and obtain these gaz canisters myself as I can get all the equipment for super cheap even if the gas is expensive and a hassle to get.

Bill S.  I just bought a Garuda Kusala.  It's not new and there is no warranty.  It has pre-bent poles that even TentPole Technologies cannot make or replace the.  Should I just throw it away and do the American thing and just get a new tent cause it's easy, new and.......on looky at that, it's available at REI?  I mean what if one of my pre-bent poles breaks?   Bill I'm utterly shocked that you would tell people that are trying to figure out how to use and reuse our equipment that we love and have figured out how to use and go with the Brainwashing American Crap of, just throw away your old gear and just keep buying new gear as they pump it out.  That is just sad and pathetic at best and dangerous to this planet at worst.  But you know what?  it's guys like you that keep the American way of buying expensive gear so that I can have it for next to nothing a year or two later.  Sad but true, and at least I get the best time tested equipment for next to nothing.  Good job Bill...................




 Dana Backer:  So, I sent a message via Ebay to the person who has all three auctions on Ebay that were for Pick up only.

New message to:             moorawey:  "Hi, So I see that you have three auctions that are for pick up only in regards to the GaZ canisters .  What if we made a deal on all three and I found a place that will ship them, legally, and all you would have to do is drop them off............nothing more?  I of course would want to get the very best deal as shipping is expensive as they are considered hazardous material.  They can be shipped but they are expensive.  We can also wait to see if anyone in the area buys them, but most people have moved on from Gaz products cause they cannot buy them anywhere other than what people have left of old stock.  Thanks for you time in this matter."     CAMPING GAZ CV270 CV470 BUTANE GAS BACKPACK CAMP STOVE FUEL CAMPINGAZ


 moorawey's response:      Dear smokinnn,          "Sure, find someone who could ship it."

My response:    "Ok, let me see what I can do and then we will see if we can work a deal out on all of the three auctions.  Thanks for your quick response."

Dana Backer, So..........would you like to take over from here and see if you can work a deal with him and I will render what ever assistance I can in finding shipping?  Or do you just want to go buy a new stove and I can work on this for myself?............cause I love these little gas stoves and lanterns.


Bill S said:


Dana, your best bet is to look through the gear reports here on Trailspace and get a new modern design stove. White gas, compressed gas mixes, kerosene, and alcohol all have their enthusiasts for fluid fuels. Forget everything posted in this thread and do your own research in Trailspace's stove section.

 Plus 1 for Mr Bill. He has I believe yours and everyone elses best interest and safety at heart. 

And just to give you a practical example for upgrading ( I'll use my line of work) the old metal uninsulated drills that we had are still quite capable of doing the job, however prudents dictates that it is only a matter of time before you drill into a live wire, and if you hit the wrong one puff your days are over with. 3 times that I've had that happen not counting all the times I've hit normal 110 electrical wires and thank God I listened to my elders and upgraded to a insulated drill. You simply cannot imagine the explosion or the fact that 18 inches of solid steel drill bit simply doesn't exist anymore, it became atoms or molecules or something. I'm quite sure I owe my life to those old heads (God love them I know I do)

The call is yours to make but I'd listen to Bill all day long and if I had to go against myself for anyone else on this site. It would be him even though I've argued with him once or twice. He has the experience and is progressive in application.

A new stove is cheap for peace of mind and convineance 

apeman said:

.."Sigh", he said to his neighbor.  Parts are hard to get for that old and tired Model A pick up.  You should just get rid of that and buy and new $60,000 Ford F-350 Super Camper Special...

I think we have flaming in a stove post! 

FWIW, we should be mindful of keeping our debates to the opinions and facts, avoid putting words in each others mouths and otherwise getting personal.

If one were an antique car or stove collector, one may be able to justify the hoops one must jump through to keep these things running.  But most of us just want economical and reliable transportation, and a stove we can fuel up without spending a lot of time researching sources and accommodating logistics.  Hence why I got rid of my Bluet stove and lantern looonnngg ago. 

At some point time is a resource one can squander, too.  If the OP is adamant about this stove, then they will consider the time required to obtain above mentioned canisters - not to mention every future fuel acquisition - as time spent on their Bluet hobby.  But if they are just trying to maximize economy of effort and resources, I would say there are many cheap stoves that cost less to purchase than the hourly wage one's time is worth chasing down Bluet canisters.  And your old stove need not go to the dump, America has a new tradition called recycling.  Just saying...


Well said Ed 

well said

Ed:  It has nothing to do with collecting.  The OP asked  "I'm having trouble finding camping gaz fuel for my bleuet 470HP and lumogaz 470. Does anyone know where to purchase it in the US or is there an adaptor for the screw on butane/propane mixes?"

I answered the question as did a number of other people.  All of the rest of the chatter, though interesting and informative,...........including some of mine................. had nothing to do with the OP's question(s).

As far as recycling, well sure, maybe...................if one makes a effort.  However much of what can be recycled is just taken to the dump.  The neighbor is kind enough to let me fill their dumpster the night before pick-up.  So as to get as much actual garbage in their as possible, I go thur what they throw away and take out about 1/4-1/3rd of what is in there that "could" be recycled...... so that I can recycle it and get rid of what can't be recycled..........the garbage.  It make no sense, to me,  to recycle a stove that can still be used to turn it back into a stove!  In fact the most efficient way, or at least the best way for plant earth, to handle this stove if one did not want it,.............or go thru the hassel of getting the gaz............or is now afraid to use it cause it's just so dangerous.................would be to put it into the hands of people who can still buy this gas, hikers, bikers, campers and backpacker over in Europe.  Yesterday I went dumpster diving in a dumpster that was bound for the dump.  This was not a recycling dumpster. I pulled out industrial shelving, a 300 lb six caster metal cart, 4 surge protector battery back-ups, multiple out-let strips and some metal decorative backing that can be used for either fencing or shelving.  No, recycling is not really much of an American pastime as of yet.

As far as this stove being dangerous.  Well all stoves camping/backpacking stoves are dangerous more or less.  Did not the Seva 123 have a propensity to blow up?  Yet I've never heard anyone say get rid of your seva's.  Ever see a Coleman three burner stove catch on fire and burn a picnic table down?  LOL...................What I have heard is that.............all, or at least many, stoves have their little quirks and attention needs to paid to the individual quirks of each stove.  Flat out, camping stoves can be dangerous.



My post was motivated by two topics.  The first being we need to keep discussions earnest and civil.  I thought things were drifting out of the lane, and warranted a course correction.  You obviously have a passion for the topic.  Your general values and actions show your heart is in the right place.  But it seemed to me the burner was getting a little overheated, and needed to be throttled back.

Your efforts to repurpose and extend the life of the material objects we use is laudable.  I also believe in respecting the value of resources.  Every car I have owned (five since the 1960) has been driven into the dirt or rendered scrap in an accident.  But as I alluded, time is also a resource that also has considerable value, and what's more is not recyclable once expended.  And that brings me to the second motive of my post. 

I responded to the OP's query from a different angle, albeit one not explicitly solicited.  (Forum regulars know I am king of the forum when it comes to doling out unsolicited advice:)  Instead I took some liberties to interpret the request, and realized an alternative response could be walking the OP through the thought processes that lead me to retire my stove.  If the OP was attached to their stove, then your advice was welcome, that is for sure.  But I thought the OP should be advised that obtaining Bluet canisters requires effort every time you need them, because most of those remaining are in the hands of individuals and in limited supply.  In essence one must restart the hunt with every subsequent purchase.  I provided that opinion, so they may determine for themselves if it is worth their efforts to pursue refueling the Bluet, based on whatever the priority they place on their own time vs extending the lifespan of the stove.  Both of our responses to the OP were appropriate, as was Bill's and other participants to this thread. 

If our responses were based solely on earth friendly advise, one can warrant suggesting all canister stove owners are better off replacing these stoves with other stove technologies, given the fuel canisters are one-use objects, and not at all an environmentally friendly power a stove.  In fact one old timer here on the forum recently scoffed at the notion of debating the environmental qualities of all liquid and gas fueled stoves, demonstrably proving contrary to PC environmental doublespeak, that cooking over fires burning locally collected wood has a lower carbon footprint that any liquid or gas fueled stove.  Alas resource management has many considerations and we bespeak of only two.


Ed:  I agree with most of that.  With the most of what you just said.  With the exception of me getting over heated.  But I guess that is a matter of opinion, and I'm ok with opinions.  In regards to people using canisters and being less friendly to the plant threat is true in cases where and when people are buying new canister stoves and or used stoves that use canisters that are still being sold.  In this case people are using a stove that they have and are buying canisters that are already here and are not available anymore in the store.  So either way the can will be disposed of in one way or another with no new cans coming into this country, at least at this point.  So the fact the that someone is using their/an old stove, so that one is not buying a new stove, and using existing canisters that are already here and not going away on their own, is at worst neutral in respect to the environment and at best using up existing resources.  Yes I am passionate about the subject as humans are trashing/thrashing this world and even as most people might say they care, it seems to me that little, or at least not enough is being done.  But that is just my opinion.  If I insulted any one in this thread then I do apologize.

In the mean time I will see about the shipping and see if I can make a deal on all of those gaz canisters.  As I lived in CO, I never used a gas stove, other than a Coleman white gas stove when car camping in 40 years other than I had a small Gaz stove that used on my trip in Europe and on my motorcycle trips around the US.  All other times of backpacking and camping we used available wood to build a fire and to cook and clean.  When at times above timberline we would gather along the way or make a trip to the tree line to find wood.


..............and once again so sorry for my bad proof readin skills before posting...........

Thanks for the clarification on my post.  

I will reiterate, though, in case it was overlooked, that for the 470 nonpuncture type stoves, I understand that the Coleman Peak 1 stove sold at Walmart for $17 is actually made by GAZ.  The bottom half of this stove, the part which screws on to a modern Lindal valve fuel canister, can be unscrewed and switched with the bottom half of some Gaz stoves and lanterns.  Here is a link to photos of someone doing that:

I saw an old Camping Gaz canister in a free box at a local gear shop today, the kind that is punctured when the stove is inserted, I had one just like it 37 years ago.

photo of the camping gaz adapter that I have (photo taken from web).

Found this sentence with the photo: 


"I have since discovered that commercial ones do exist, as shown to the left. That one is an "Adapter für Ventilkartuschen", model 92497 and can be found at some gear shops in Europe but you need to search. In 2013 I did find them at Edelrid in Europe, and they are now widely available on eBay and Amazon"


Sorry, after posting that I realized the adapter I have is totally opposite of the one in the photo. The one I have allows Gaz stoves and lanterns to be used with screw top cans

Ed G said:


Sorry, after posting that I realized the adapter I have is totally opposite of the one in the photo. The one I have allows Gaz stoves and lanterns to be used with screw top cans

So, am I correct to assume that regardless of what can you can you have...........the newer screw on type or the older puncture type that there is a adapter for both allowing both types of equipment to be used on either type of can?  If so that is actually kind of cool as I own both and do not need to be worried about what canister goes with what type of equipment.  Right on!

Yes.  The adapter I have allows me to use my Bleuet Camping Gaz stove (or lantern) on the  Jetboil fuel cans I have.  I have no knowledge of the puncture type cans.


January 20, 2021
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