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Backpacking Biscuits, and Greavy

So, in my group of friends. I am known for making some pretty epic biscuits, and gravy. I have a buddy up in Bellingham WA. His sweetie told me that every time I come to visit, she hopes I make biscuits, and gravy. Now I make a point of it. Because of this I worked to have a written recipe. I used to just make it by feel. I decided to figure out how to make a backpacking version. I scaled my biscuit recipe down. Then I did the same for the gravy recipe. In the gravy I replaced the sausage with freeze dried sausage crumbles. I used Nestle Nido whole milk powder. I replace the fresh rosemary, onions, garlic, and mushrooms with dried ingredients. One day I did a test run at work, and fed it to my Cellarman Luke. We talked over the recipe, and decided the gravy was good to go. I decided the biscuit needed to be bigger. After scaling up the biscuit. I posted the recipe to my blog. A couple weeks back I found myself on a road trip to Boise ID. I spent the night outside of Bend OR. In the morning I shot a YouTube video on how to make Backpacking Biscuits, and Gravy. I truly feel that this is some of my finest work, and one of my best videos.

January 26, 2021
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