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Has anyone used Outdoor Herbivore for food supply

Hey all I was wondering if anyone has used them,,,,I was hoping someone gave them a try and can tell ,me what they think of the meals..I'd like to do a review of their meals they have and try a few...Thanks

Never heard of them, now I'm intrigued. I'll be poking around the website. Thanks for the reference!

Several years ago I purchased a large amount of her food for my backpacking trips and unfortunately she uses copious amounts of nutritional yeast as a substitute for cheese and I just can't stomach the stuff.

But in a good way Outdoor Herbivore got me seriously into my own home dehydration---so it served its purpose.

Tipi I take it because of Vegan clients she uses that ingrediant,..I am far from a vegan or vegetarian but I do like food and trying new things...

I've tried the Blackened Quinoa and thought it very tasty.  I did cheat and add a small 3oz can of chicken to it though.

The Apple Quinoa Oatmeal is good as well, although I usually split it in half since it makes a rather large serving.

Wasn't a big fan of the Cheddar Mac.  Not sure if it was a texture thing or not.  I even added some tuna to it, but still did not care for it all that much.

And like Tipi, it has helped me in my own home dehydration as well.  Some successful, some no so much!  


November 26, 2020
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