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Esbit 3 Piece Solid Fuel Cook kit

I just posted a review on TrailSpace gear reviews for this item. It includes links to a video review of the product as well as a video boil test. I would recommend this for beginners or those on a budget. It does have one down fall, and that is resistance to wind. In my initial video review of the product, I go over some of my DIY gear that I keep in the kit as well.

Actually for those on a tight budget I'd recommend a DYI alcohol stove over the Esbit.  There is content on the web how to build and operate alcohol stoves.  The Esbit just doesn't generate enough heat to be practical; it is more a hobbyist thing than an effective solution. 

Money should not be the barrier to owning a decent stove, however.  There are canister stoves that are a great value for the price that can generate a lot more heat than either Esbit or alcohol stoves, something one grows to appreciate when waiting for a morning coffee or dinner. 

If you do fabricate a windscreen for a over-canister design gas stove, caution should be exercised to monitor the canister so the trapped and reflected heat doesn't super heat the canister and cause an accident.  One way to reduce this hazard is including in the windscreen design a disk of foil that is inserted between the burner and gas tank to reduce the fuel can's exposure to heat from the burner. 


I did a boil test with mine and was able to get 12 oz of water to boil in about 7 1/2 mins. I don't carry as primary anymore due to how to handles in inclement weather. I did however, make my own alcohol stove a few years back and had a bad experience with that. My current set up is a rocket stove with the Ozark Trail cook kit. It has served me well, I will be doing a boil test with that set up soon. 

November 27, 2020
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