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Pot size

What size, capacity, pot do y’all use?

I have 550ml Toaks, works OK for one pouch style meals but needs a refill if I want coffee and I usually do.

Just bought a Olicamp XT, it’s 32oz and 3.5 ounces heavier.  Yet to use it on the trail.

I've always carried a larger pot...usually around a liter. I tend to simmer and cook a good bit so need the room to avoid bubbling over. 

Last 6 years or more I have been using a 1.3 L 5 oz titanium Vargo pot with a Caldera Sidewinder cone sized to fit. My kitchen fits inside it, doesn't weigh a lot, and gives me the freedom to cook for one or two when the missus joins me. 

You need to clarify for how many people. My solo pot is 750ml, which I use for water boil only no real cooking.

Anything from 730 ml to 2 L, depending on group size

I guess I was talking about solo pot size.  

I use a MSR Stowaway  1qt cook pot. I don't simmer, I bring the water to a boil, then after adding the food, pasta or oatmeal let the pot sit covered and insulated to hold the heat and soak for 10 minutes. I can make a 16 ounce fuel canister last about 2-4 weeks.

Do you want coffee with your meal? I always like mine separately anyway, and want both my meal and coffee to be hot, so I typically eschew preparing them at the same time regardless. If you want to prep them together, just add the amount of water you need for a meal to the size of your coffee mug, and voila! pot size.

I run the toaks 550 but we dehydrate our own food which requires less water then most packet meals but I drink a lot of coffee so I do 2 cooks one for water for me and wife to eat then a second for coffee for us both.

Yea, 1qt when soloing. My routine and reasons same as Zalman's, unless snow camping, in which case I bring a 3qt pot as it is more efficient at melting snow and easier to fetch more water when dipping from a stream.


For solo use, I typically employ a 750 ml pot,  going up in size as thegroup increases.  The biggest I use is 2l.

For solo trips, I use my 750ml Caldera Keg. I usually prepape simple meals.

I bring my 900ml pot with me everywhere. Maybe a bit overkill for single person use, but my stove nestles in it perfectly and I would rather have slightly more available cooking volume than not enough. 

Been using a 1.3 liter evernew on my solo and one partner hikes and a 40 year old 1 gallon aluminum pot for any group hike (more than 2 people).  And on these always carry a 500ml "mug". 

Thinking about, when solo, going with a 600ml evernew and dropping the mug.  Not so much about the weight, just absolute sufficiency and less stuff to keep track of. 

I experimented with dropping back from a 1.3l to a smaller pot for solo a few years back. However it didn't weigh much less and couldn't hold my kitchen so didn't pack much better. Also I simmer some meals and it's nice to have a bit of give at the top. As far as dropping the to have my coffee while cooking breakfast. 

The Evernew 1.3 L titanium pot is perfect for our two person party letting us boil a liter at a time. Paired with the Kovea Spider remote canister stove and tight foil windscreen makes for a very fuel efficient system. My setup;


We use a 2 L pot for three +

Nice setup.  I like the idea of sharing pot photos...just was reading a backpacking book that said cooking pots don't evoke the same emotions/ties as other equipment.  I disagree. 

I use a similar size pot (Vargo 1.3) but with the Caldera Ti the pot is well blackened from the wood burning option.  Here it is on a colder trip with an alcohol stove (Kojin) but raised up so I could simmer my meal rather than just boil...

Very nice Phil and a snow pallet no les. I have a Caldera tri ti that fits my old Snow Peak 1.4 L pot so a very popular size. 

I think 550ml is on the small-side; I'd say 650ml is a better minimum, and something closer to 750ml is probably a sweet-spot for most solo cooks.

I have the Evernew Solo set, a 750ml pot and 400ml cup; weights 150 grams (5.3 ounces). I like that I can put the pot on to boil water, put my bobbins and whatnots in to rehydrate, and whilst that's doing it's thing I put the mug on for some tea or coffee. To me the mug isn't a luxury, it makes cooking more efficient.

A good minimalist system at the moment is the Lixada Titanium 750ml pot (£20/$30).

I have two GSI Halulite 1.1 L hard anodised aluminium pots. One is for boiling water only, the other for actual food.

Inside one, I nest a gas canister, inside the other, my two Japanese lidded plastic soup/rice bowls, one large for eating, one small for drinking. Both withstand boiling water temps, and the lids either keep bugs out or serve as small dishes.

I also have a DZO 600 mL stainless steel pot, which is rather flimsy, but much smaller. I will probably replace this with a GSI Glacier 1.1 L stainless pot.

I carry a 1 liter MSR Stowaway cook pot. I use it to cook meals and as a eating dish and drinking vessel, all in one.

I usually take 1.3l on my solo trip.I often boil some foods, and have my coffee while preparing breakfast.

September 23, 2021
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