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Bandana Coffee & LNT

So in the past, I either didn't bother making coffee, or someone made it for me, while I would tear down the tent!

But over the past few days I've been experimenting with different ways to make coffee outdoors.. and I've decided to do cowboy coffee, and then pour it into my 1/2 liter nalgene with a bandana on top and, a koozie which fits perfectly around it and most of the way! I think i'm gonna line the inside of that with some aluminum foil and keep warm longer

So to those who advocate LNT, as well as use the bandana for coffee making, what do you to avoid a potential mess?

Doing this in my Kitchen and putting it straight in my sink, I found it very messy! I don't imagine the transfer into my trashbag will go well!

Also: what do yall do for creamer? just dehydrated milk? or do they sell some dehydrated?

My MSR tea kettle has a pretty good spout. I don't get much spillage.  The bandana doesn't seem to interfere too much, if you keep it tight.

Can't help you with the creamer, I like expresso style coffee: Strong, black.

I don't spill much, I'm sorry I should've been a little clearer...

I boil water, throw in the coffee grounds, and then I pour right in my nalgene with a bandana pushed in a little bit, to catch all the grounds..

I would like to know what to do with all those grounds?

the bandana is wet so quite a bit sticks to it..

I suppose I should I just get rid of what i can, and keep the bandana in my mess kit, and hope it dries up by the time dinner starts to clean it off completely.. and have another bandana for all my other needs.


I biked from Wyoming to Arizona with a guy who made cowboy coffee every morning,noon and night. He had a multi-week old enamelware coffee pot. He never emptied the coffee grounds, just added new ones each time he made coffee. There was no filter on the pot so his coffee always came out with lots of grounds. And boy was it strong! After the pot eventually filled with grounds he would throw it away and start over with a new coffee pot.

I personally think its alot easier to use coffee bags(tea bag type.) One per liter is too weak for me but 2 is strong enough. They are light, don't take up much space and if you are around a fire ring at a shelter just burn them.

Instant coffee and powdered creamer. you can even find flavored creamer if you dont like the taste of instant. Im a coffeeholic, I do appreciate a good quality brew but as long as its brown and caffinated Im good!


I don't like coffee, I drink instant hot cocoa when I go hiking, generally for breakfast.

Hiking with another coffee drinker I use the H2JOE,  by myself either coffee bags or the individual packets of freeze dried by Starbucks or Folgers. I like creamer,  can live without it but will bring something along usually. I found these individual serving creamers called Mini-Moos, its real cream with some preservatives so that it does not need to be refridgerated.

I would skip the bandana and get either on of the small mesh filters that fit inside the big bottles or get a paper filter holder and use paper filters.  I think using the bandana to same a few oz. is "Over the Top" but I am not really into the Light weight thing, at least not yet. :)

 Paper Filter style;


And the one that fits in the large mouth water bottles,


It is actually listed as a tea filter but will work fine for coffee, just don't grind it any lower then a 3.  (1 super fine - 10 really corse) I use a 4 grind and it works great with this kind of filter. 

The "Grounds" could be put in a cat hole with "other" waste, they are actually good for gardens, although I don't know if this is a good "Leave No Trace" policy or not.  I usually just burn them in a fire.  If I am using a fire. 

I have also used this;

It works OK, but leaves about a 1/2 inch of water in the bottom that is hard to get out (on the coffee side of the press) I normally will drink 2 of these in the morning and am good to go for the day. 

And Lastly, I had been looking for a full size french press that was not made out of glass but the high temp plastic, polycarbonate it think.  Anyway, I found one at a Black & Decker outlet store and got it!  I am going back out to the beach with most of the faimily (7 total - 4 adults) and we are all coffee drinkers so I am going to take it along and see how it dose, should work better then making everyone their own coffee. 

(This is not the exact one but it is close)

As some of you can tell I like my Coffee! :D


A couple more things I found on a coffee site.  She is in TN for all you easterners, two things I though would be great for back packing.

1) these are little pouches that you make your own coffee or tea pouches out of, jut fill and iron closed.  Coffee ready for the trail.


2) some kind of think but they don't iron close, You just fold them over.


Here is a link to her web site;  Espresso Yourself


thank you all for the replies!

now, I'm back to the drawing boards!

As far as what to do with the grounds, either:

1. Burn them 2. Pack them out in a ziploc 3. Bury them 4. Throw them out in a way that allows them to disperse over a wide area.

A LNT purist will hate me for the last two suggestions, but coffee grounds are good fertilizer and wont hurt the enviroment.

October 23, 2020
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