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For anyone who wants to help a poor Boy Scout Troop

Some of you may have read my tale-of-woe on the North Face subforum, so here's a name and address if you'd like to send any gear you no longer want/need to a Columbus OH Troop which has very little equipment of its own.   From what I gather these kids don't have much of anything, so any little bit would help.


Here's the message I got from their Scoutmaster when I asked:

Thanks a million, sorry the pack got lost. Far as gear needs, we can always use sleeping Pads and bags, backpacks, isopropane stoves......basically anything that folks don't want anymore will work.

Jerry Gundrum
1689 Hopkins Ave
Columbus Ohio 43223
Troop 410

do you have an email address for these guys

No - I just communicate with him via "", a forum for AT hikers.

His screename there is "Lostone"

Here's his thread that got me involved:

January 20, 2021
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