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Trailspace Classifieds Rules *READ FIRST*

Trailspace Classifieds Rules

Trailspace Classifieds are intended for Trailspace members to buy, sell, and trade personally owned gear to other Trailspace members and visitors.

Trailspace Classifieds are intended for personal users only, NOT for commercial users.

Businesses or individuals posting on behalf of a business may NOT buy, sell, or trade gear in the Classifieds.

All posts must adhere to Trailspace’s Community Rules and Guidelines and Terms of Service.

By posting an item to sell, you affirm that the item belongs to you and you are legally able to sell it on Trailspace.

By posting an item to sell, you affirm that you have accurately described it, the item matches the description and any images you post of it, and you have disclosed any and all defects and any information pertinent to the buyer or potential buyers.

Trailspace is NOT involved in any Classifieds transactions, and does NOT handle payments, guarantee transactions, provide escrow services, or offer "buyer protection" or "seller certification."

Trailspace does NOT verify or endorse any Classified ads posted by users.

Transactions between Trailspace members and visitors and other members and visitors are done at your own risk. Trailspace does NOT guarantee that the transactions members choose to engage in are safe and that the descriptions provided by sellers are accurate.

We do NOT recommend giving out any financial or personal information (bank account number, social security number, etc.).

We do NOT recommend buying used or previously owned climbing gear, especially climbing hardwear and ropes, or other safety equipment on which your life depends.

Trailspace, its administrators, and its moderators cannot provide assistance in dispute resolutions or otherwise become involved in Classifieds transactions.

Members who choose to buy, sell, or trade gear through the Trailspace Classifieds understand that Trailspace, its administrators, and its moderators are not liable for any loss or harm that may occur due to the use of the Classifieds forum.

A note about PayPal:

PayPal offers a "Friends and Family" money transfer option. This option is not intended for buy/sell transactions and does not include PayPal's buyer protection for purchases. A seller may want you to use that option so he/she can avoid paying PayPal its fees. However, if you use this option and what you get is not what you expected, you have no recourse for a refund through PayPal, which you otherwise would with a standard transaction. Read their rules and policies completely if you are unfamiliar with them.

Caveat Emptor

Have suggestions for buyers, sellers, posters in the Classifieds?

Share them below.


SELLER: If you are selling electronics such as GPS/PHONE/LOCATOR, be sure that they are not linked to an existing account. Cancel your accounts before shipping. If you are not the original owner, let the buyer know that you are not the original owner and have no way of knowing how it was used in the past. Don't make claims about the item for which you have no personal knowledge. If you buy it from someone else and they TELL you how it has been used, that is not personal knowledge that you should pass on to others. Just let the buyer know your use and the circumstances under which you came to own it. Let the buyer assume the risk for the unknown instead of relying on your statements about a past you could not really verify.

BUYER: You, for the most part, are buying used, as is, unwarranted merchandise from strangers behind a computer screen. BEWARE! Ask some questions and  try to work out issues with the seller.  You take the risk when you send off te money. As my father always says: HOPE FOR THE BEST BUT PLAN FOR THE WORST!

A little common sense goes a long this a new member? Can you judge the members integrity based on his/her posts? If not, steer clear. A deal that looks too good to be true is most likely someone trying to rip you off. I have had nothing but positive interactions with people here, not just with the classifieds, but with the new private messages and forums.

Just a thought, but maybe adding something on the users profile something akin to an ebay rating? Could give a little info into whether they have sold here, or not. I bought a pair of boots from pillowthread and wouldn't hesitate in saying his description and full disclosure of the product was spot on.

For full disclosure: I am computer illiterate and have NO idea how much work the above suggestion would entail for you guys (Alicia and Dave).

Sellers: Be Honest and tell the good and bad about what you are selling.

If it's broke Says:It's Broke or needs repaired and show it.

Buyers; Ask questions about the item. Pay what is agreed to.

Remember it is used. If with tags someone else owned it.

Post a response about item before the thead is close.


As giftogab said; As my father always says: HOPE FOR THE BEST BUT PLAN FOR THE WORST!


You could also always ask your seller to setup an ebay auction for you.  This would give you the buyer protection through ebay and paypal.  I for one never send a money order out, as there is no way to recoup fees if it is lost or stolen. 

April 15, 2021
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