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For Sale: SOLIO "Classic" Hybrid Solar Charger Kit

SOLIO "Classic" Hybrid Solar Charger Kit:  Internal Lithium Battery Pack (Charged by the Sun, USB or 12V Adapter) to recharge Cell Phones, MP3 Players, GPS Units, Etc.  Complete Kit plus the optional 12V Adapter cord (an $18 value).  Includes Charging Cables and Rechgarging Cables and Tips for Sony/Ericsson/LG/Samsung/Nokia and Mini & Female USB.  Almost "New-In-Box" - I bought the Kit new last spring, charged it (Solar), recharged my Cell once and then placed the Kit into storage.  I discovered it last week - it still has approximately 40% of the engergy stored from my initial charging.

$40. - PayPal (Free CONUS Shipping).  PM any questions or to purchase.



SOLD:  05/02/12

January 20, 2021
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