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For Sale: Pivetta Eiger Boots, Mint Condition...

So, I kept these babies a secret, and I'm glad I did, as they ended up being too large. Marked a men's size 13, with an "A" width heel, they fit closer to a 12.5, and have a standard "D" width forefoot (with an inner length of approx. 11-3/4 inches). I bought them off ebay about two months ago, and while the width is perfect for me, they're too long for me, and I've got to cinch them up too tightly to get things right...the fact that I have a better idea of my "correct" size in Pivettas notwithstanding, I am quite pissed, and my loss can now be your gain...

Each boot upper is made from a single piece of literally the finest full-grain leather, with a single back seam. Fully leather lined. Bombproof Littleway Welt. About a 9-inch total height from the ground to the top of the cuff.



I paid $200 plus shipping, and am looking only to recoup that. They are in near-perfect condition. Look at the original stickers on the mirror-shinny soles, the flawless leather cuff, the gold lettering still on the tongues. These have been very well-taken care off their entire life, as the leather is still supple and strong, and they are not even close to being broken in. As you may well know, Pivettas are no longer made, and these particular boots are some 40 years old. Were you to try to buy a pair of boots constructed like this today, you'd have to go to a custom bootmaker like Charles Van Gorkom, beg him pretty please, wait three years, and pay him $1500.

(Read: Take advantage of this opportunity. As some of you surely know, this is once-in-a-lifetime stuff...I've been called "knowledgeable" about these things, and I will not steer you wrong...for those of you that remember my 5's  and my 8's, these Eigers are in better condition still...)

$200 plus shipping, OBO. First come, first dibs. Paypal only; PM me for the address, and thanks for looking!!

Pretty, pretty.........................

Wow! Superb. and mayb my size. however, I am not worthy of them. and all of my extra cheese has gone the way of a new biz venture. Argh!!!

Thanks guys...all PMs replied to; sale pending...

Wow!!!!! I still have my Eigers. Well used but in quite good shape. So stiff you nearly feel like you have 2x4's underfoot. Mostly wear them now for glacier travel and climbing couloirs. With the Littleway construction and narrow heel platform, tough to find crampons with rear posts that closely cradle the heel. Solved the problem with a piece of climbing shoe, sole rubber that I insert around the back and just forward of the rear posts on crampon to take up the space. Nice snug fit with no heel lift or side to side movement within the crampons.

I'm really thankful that:

1)  they weren't size 11s

2)  I didn't see this in time

I'm in the market for pairs of both FIVES and EIGERS in 10.5 or 11.

Zeno Marx said:

I'm in the market for pairs of both FIVES and EIGERS in 10.5 or 11.

 I'll keep an eye out for you...

thank you.  greatly appreciated.

August 9, 2020
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