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Anyone ready for a PIF Christmas?

Its the season for giving, and like some of us I have some stuff that I don't use. If you don't understand the rules for PIF they are at the top of the classified adds.

What I have is an REI Quick Shot hydration belt. Perfect for shorter hikes. Or if you are like me great to hold a beer while flying kites. Feel free to google the belt. Its like new as I picked up 2 of them and only use one.

Lets make this a great give away season, the stuff you no longer use could be just what someone else is looking for! :) 

Its say in the PIF description area you have to list the rules with an item?

Rules are on the page. So I see no reason to repost them. Except that I will pay shipping. Happy Holidays!



I tried too, guess no one is interested?

October 31, 2020
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