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FS: new with tags, REI Flash 45 large

FS: new with tags, REI Flash 45 large (50L)

Bought this and loaded it up last night but I feel it's too small for my long torso (23") so either I can return it and buy another pack or I can pass on a deal to someone here.

They are currently 89.73 w free shipping through tomorrow so I'll do 80$ w free shipping until I get a chance to return it.

you can check the specs and photos on the rei website. Since I cant post a direct link, here's the partial web address:

I can take paypal or chase payments.


Is 23" your torso length or the torso length of the pack?

mine. the pack is stated to fit 19-21.

also the "frame" can be removed to shave some weight.

August 4, 2020
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