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For Sale: Mystery Ranch 6500 w/ NICE Frame

Hey there,

Very new to the forums but been reading for a while.

I have a MR 6500 pack with daypack lid in coyote that I'd like to sell. It's used but in great condition.

It comes with the NICE frame, small waist belt and medium yoke.

Happy to share photos and more info if interested.

$550 Canadian

I too read for a while before I started posting and reviewing. 

Best wishes with finding a buyer for the pack.

Have you tried posting any gear reviews yet? Doing so has really helped me re-consider my gear.

Happy to have you here on Trailspace!

Hey there! Thanks for the warm welcome. :)

I've been doing some intense reflection on my equipment lately, so I hear you about reconsidering the gear. It's actually what led me to this decision.


Aside from needing a bigger waist belt, I think the 6500 is too large for me. I'm going to pick up a Mystery Ranch Metcalf instead, because I can more easily tailor it to each trip - buy a few extra pouches put on if I'm out for longer, or strip it down for smaller trips.



August 12, 2020
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