FS: old Panasonic Lumix still takes great pics, $50 w/lots of extras

9:07 a.m. on October 25, 2015 (EDT)
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Panasonic Lumix compact camera, DMC-TZ4, lots of extras. $50. 8.1 megapixel, 10x optical zoom, Leica lens, 28mm wide angle, 2.5" LCD screen, takes SD card. Includes everything: camera, wrist strap, carry case, original battery, wall charger, original SD card (1GB), USB cord, owner's manuals, software installation disc…AND I am including 4 replacement batteries for the lightest-weight option to take tons of pics on a multi-day trek. The original battery is 1000mAh and the four spares are 1400mAh each, so it's really like getting 5 1/2 extra batteries. The spare batteries alone are worth nearly my asking price for the whole kit. Camera weighs 7.4 oz on my scale, batteries range 0.77-0.84oz each.

It's well used, I'm the original owner for eight years, and it still takes amazing pictures. Here's a sample album of some of the most recent photos taken with this camera. I love this camera, I replaced it end of 2013 with the newest model of the exact same thing, only because the old one doesn't take hi-def video so I consolidated two devices to one. But for great still shots in an easy point-and-shoot camera, this one is hard to beat (and it does take video, just not HD).

Condition: see pics in link below. Overall camera has some nicks and dings but performs flawlessly. Lens has a few marks on it, they actually look like a coating on the lens is rubbing off but not scratches in the lens itself. Regardless, the photos come out crystal clear. Rear LCD screen has a couple of cracks in the outer protective window but not in the screen itself, the screen works perfectly. Carry case has an outer mesh pocket, and this mesh has a small hole in it but no holes in the fabric protecting the camera itself.

Since the camera is kind of old I'll guarantee for 7 days after you receive it that it works fine, if not I'll refund and pay return shipping.

Pics of the camera here:

December 9, 2019
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