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FS: Vintage Trailwise Down Filled Puffy

Like TNF and Sierra Designs, Trailwise of Berkeley, CA was another of the early equipment manufacturer's that ushered in the backpacking/climbing boom of the 60's and 70's with innovative and lightweight designs. There clothing, packs and sleeping bags were used and popularized by Colin Fletcher author of The Complete Walker, The Man Who Walked Through Time and others.

Trailwise original goose down filled jacket. Size medium, sewn through construction, nylon taffeta fabric, waist drawcord, double toggle zipper. Cargo pockets backed with hand warmer pockets. The jacket is in exceptionally good condition and appears lightly used. I see 2 small flaws on the outer fabric of the lower left cargo pocket. A sunflower seed sized hole and a smaller worn spot just above. I plan to place a tiny nylon patch over the hole and adhere with seam grip as soon as I find some royal blue nylon fabric. Or, I could do nothing as its not going anywhere and is not that noticeable. Your choice. The cargo pocket is not down filled behind the flaw so there is no down leakage. I washed the jacket and it came out nice. Fabric is clean and bright with only a few, very faint stains. The loft is excellent. Regrettably, no hood. Asking $60, shipped to the lower 48.






January 19, 2021
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