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WTB; Good working Canon DSLR

I recently bought a used Pentax DSLR but the guy didn't tell me it had a bad battery compartment which new batteries won't work in. Repair would cost me as much as I paid for it so would rather get a newer camera.

I have used mainly Canon DSLRs so would like to stick to them.

Have a good camera to sell? Also would like at least a 18-55 lens, I shoot landscapes and macro most.



Hey Gary,  I have a Canon 60d I'm selling and a Sigma 17-50mm f2.8  The camera body is in excellent condition with only a few cosmetic scratches. The lens is only a month old and is basically new.   I also have a Canon 24mm 2.8 pancake lens.   If you're interested in some photos or more info on them shoot me an email at

September 20, 2020
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