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WTB: Pack 50 or 65

Looking for another pack since my Atmos 50 is almost done.  Used is fine as long as its in decent shape.  Would like a 50 or 65.  LMK what you got.

Still looking

What size are you looking for?  I have an atmos AG 65 that I used for 3 or 4 weekend trips and still in perfect condition, but it's a large

Did you find your pack?  If not message me..........

Where do you live? I saw a 65 pack in good shape hanging in a tree for three days in Farmington New Mexico last weekend. Looked like someone had left it there for someone else free. It was where I had camped while there on my way through town.

I live near Raleigh NC Gary.  What kind of shape was the pack in?

A size Large will work Ben.  Message inbound.

I'm still looking for one before I hit Linville Gorge again in a few weeks.

January 21, 2021
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