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ULA Catalyst Large slightly used 200 shipped

Large Catalyst with large and medium hipbelts. Only used a couple of times. Perfect condition no mods. Green and black color. 

I will take some pics of it and post them. When I get home. 

The only issue with the pack is one that it came with - The embroidery on the bottom that says ULA is not sewn very well. These type things don't bother me, but...I will take a pic of it.

I got this because I had one back in 08. But I just don't like it as much as the GG Blaze 60, so I am selling it.  

It has three weekend trips on it. No rain. 

I don't have paypal, but I use Square to take CC payments at work so I can accept money that way. Local Knoxville area sale would be wonderful also. 

200 shipped with all the extras that come on the pack. 

The stitching on the U is a little loose. It came that way. Cosmetic, I suppose.




September 28, 2020
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