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FS: Vintage REI Mckinley Tent - 4 Person, 4 Season

I'm offering for sale a lightly used REI McKinley, classic pyramid 4 season tent with a rectangular floor plan. Interior center pole design that will sleep 4 adults with feet to the door. This is the version without the winter snow tunnel entrance. Very strongly constructed with reinforced pullouts and multiple guylines to withstand windy conditions. Green canopy with yellow floor and rainfly.

- Double wall design. Interior 1.9 ounce breathable ripstop nylon canopy with taffeta floor. Coated nylon taffeta outer rain fly.

-  Large, zippered triangular entrance backed with bug netting.

- Tunnel vent located high up the canopy  wall.

- Sheds snow very well.

- Dimensions are 98" across the front, 84" front to rear and 88" high at the peak. I'm 5' 8" and can enter with a little crouch and stand in the center area.


Its apparent the tent has seen light use over the years and is in excellent condition.

- There are no tears or seam stitching needing to be repaired.

- The waterproof coating on the floor, sidewalls and rainfly is not sticky or de-laminating.

- There is no mold, mildew or old tent odor.

-  The tent is clean and has just a few usage stains. Primarily on the floor.

-  The rainfly and canopy are bright and unfaded.


- The original bug netting had some pulls and the edges were beginning to fray. It and the metal zipper were replaced with no-see-um netting and a nylon coil zipper.

- The first owner chose not to seam seal. The rainfly and interior "at the ground" perimeter seams have been sealed with Seam Grip.

- The poles elastic cord that holds the sections together was weakened so it was replaced.


Includes 2 tent stuff sacks, stakes, stake bag and center pole. Asking price is $425.00, inclusive of shipping to the lower 48 states. PPFF or please tack on 4%.

Center shadow spot on some photo's is a quirk of my camera






Note the reinforced guyline points of attachment at he corners.


Seam grip sealed floor seams.


Reinforcement patch close up.


88 inches to the peak.


New mesh screen and nylon zipper.




Interesting! Weight?

Hi Gary,

How's things with you? When I take the tents down after the snow clears here and it has dried, I'll weigh it. Be back in touch. -N


Rainfly - 2lbs, 10oz with guylines and tension adjusters.

Center Pole - 1lb, 11oz.

Body - 4 lbs, 13oz with guylines and tension adjusters.

Total - 9lbs, 2 oz

Update -

I had a half jar of Kenyon Recoat 3 tent floor sealant so while the tent was up I applied 1 coating to the entire interior floor. Needed to use the remaining Recoat but mainly I felt it would add resistance to water entry if kneeling with wet ground beneath the floor.

Wow, that is old school.

Thank goodness its not single wall canvas! Ain't she a beauty!

The reinforcement points on these old tents is amazing to look over.  The extra fabric, the really heavy webbing, and in some cases leather backed grommets are nothing like what you see today.



Adding - A Sea To Summit Optional Inner Bug Netting For Use With The Fly Only.

Rainfly may be used alone, pegged to the ground for very light weight backpacking. Joined trekking poles would serve as the support or suspend from a line or tree branch.

In this configuration:

----------- 70" is the maximum pole height allowable for the fly to fully make contact with the ground.  The corner fly seams begin to sag at this height and the fly begins to lose its designed shape. Shorter lengths results in more and more of the lower fly to lay upon the ground.

------------ A 72-1/2" pole height is more ideal for near ground contact and maintaining the proper shape of the fly as below.

-------------The sale will include a basic 2 person Sea to Summit inner mesh canopy to be used in this configuration.



Carrying along the bricks is optional -


August 13, 2020
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