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FS Trailwise Fitzroy 2 and 3 tents

I have both a Trailwise Fitzroy 2 and Fitzroy3 tents that I’d offer here before they go on eBay. Both are in pretty good shape and have hung unstuffed so there is not much of the old tent smell. I’ve used both several times and really like the feel of a vintage tent. The 3 is the semi-free standing one with tunnel vestibule and the 2 is a classic a frame. If you are reading this you likely know what they are.

Pics available in a week or so when I’m back. 

I’ll likely sell the SD Glacier tent I have too. That is a tunnel vestibule tent as well. Feel free to PM me if interested. I’d like these to go to someone who appreciates them more than max out on eBay.



I can't believe you are parting with a Fitzroy.

Post a couple of pictures of you have them.

August 12, 2020
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