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FS: Modified Military Tent Netting Liner

Extrapolating from the design and lightweight ties, it appears this netting was designed to be a hanging bug liner for an A-frame military tent. By adding pole sockets to the peaks at each end and guy lines, it is now modified for use as a 2 person, floor-less netting tent with or without a covering tarp or your ground sheet.

  • Use with your trekking poles adjusted to a height of about 50″.
  • My 130″x 122″ Sil-nylon tarp was a good covering size.
  • Uses up to 12 stake out pegs.
  • With some sewing, the shelter’s longevity, ie. in high winds, could be further improved by adding reinforcement patches behind each tie attachment point and perhaps a strip of webbing from peak to peak along the ridgeline. This would provide strength and durability but its very usable as is.

The netting and stitching are in excellent condition and the shelter may not have been used judging by its appearance. Poles, pegs and fly are not included. The guy lines are. Asking $45.00 shipped. PPFF or Venmo payment.











November 24, 2020
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