Bibler Tripod Bivy and Groundcloth

1:02 a.m. on January 12, 2006 (EST)
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Retail: $325.00
Selling for $190.00 (does not include shipping)

I love this tripod bivy! I bought the bivy and ground cloth/footprint new for $325.00 in October 2005. I used it for about 10 nights in the Pacific Northwest (I traveled in the PNW for all of November and the first week of December). It rained almost every night I used it and its performance was brilliant, really. I sealed the seams before use, as bibler suggests, and not one drop of rain soaked through! Coupled with the ground cloth/footprint it was incredibly easy to set up and carry around/pack up every day (and because I could attach the footprint directly to the bivy I didn't have to carry a separate ground cloth).

Originally I bought this particular bivy becuase it is a bibler product (which in the bivy and tent world is one of the best) and I'm very claustrophobic and the tripod pole feature was appealing. I truly loved this bivy and did not feel a bit of claustrophobia (even in a lofty -15 degree bag, on rainy nights). I was able to read at night and keep all of my clothes, shoes, headlamp, and books (yes, plural) in the head area of the bivy.

I'm selling this bivy because for me it was a little too tent-like. I have a 2 person tent and realized in the process of using it that if I want to sleep in a tent, I might as well get in my tent; whereas a non tent-like bivy would allow me to quickly slip in my bag and bivy to sleep out under the stars (on a dry night--I also realized that on rainy nights I prefer a tent rather than a bivy and therefore want a bivy that is simply a covering for my bag when I want to sleep out on dry nights).

The only annoyance I found when using this bivy was the condensation on the inside (on dry nights when I slept with my head out there was obviously no condensation).

If you are looking for something less that a solo person tent, but a little more than a plain no-pole bivy (or want a bivy but are claustrophobic), this is definitely for you. I really loved its performance, but realized it was just not for me.

Please see the bibler website for more specs and info:

10:12 p.m. on January 25, 2006 (EST)
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no longer for sell....good luck finding what you want!

10:13 p.m. on January 25, 2006 (EST)
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ha ha!! I mean "Sale" longer for "Sale"...

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