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wanted: ultralight free standing tent 1.5-2 person

Looking for a 1.5- 2 person tent that doesn't use trekking poles and doesn't need to be staked out to stay up.

I am interested in tents like the Black diamond lighthouse, possibly REI quarter dome if the price is right, maybe Hubba Hubba 2, or anything else? Preferably in some sort of used (ie reasonably priced) condition

I would really like to keep the weight down below 4 lbs, so there are really not a whole lot of options out there... Does anything that you are looking to get rid of qualify?

thank you!

please mail: purvisgs ( a t) yahoo (dot) com

Only thing I've got is a Tarptent Double Rainbow, but it doesn't meet your trekking pole limitation. Of course, the tents mentioned don't exactly qualify as ultralight either.

how much for that double rainbow???

Looking to get $200, and it comes with the liner. Got a guy on the hook right now, but if it falls thru, I'll let you know.

I have a Mountain Hardware Helion 2 ultralite brand new in the bag.

For details go to...

$400 cad

I have the Marmot Aeolos 2P but it weighs 5.5# with everything. Great price at $200 ($185 under retail) and is "new". check my ad under AHIKERAHIKER. I have hiked with it and weighs much less if just using the fast pack footprint which I am including!! It weighs just 3 1/4# using the fast pack footprint!!!

look for a eureka alpine meadows 2 person maybe a little heavier than your looking for but worth it. I recently sold my older NorthFace because this one is the one I use still

August 3, 2020
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