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For Sale: 2 Princeton Tec LED strap lights

Can't remember the exact name for these lights but they are about the same brightness and weight as a Photon, but they come with a sort-of harness that allows them to attach to a pack strap or headlamp strap. They can be twisted out of the plastic harness and used in-hand as you would any other light. They really are super handy, and 2 of these have come to be all I need for nightime lighting--the 2 for sale here are just extras I have that I don't use. There is absolutely nothing wrong with them, and they weigh next to nothing. They produce a brilliant white light, and go for countless hours on a pair of watch batteries. So that's 2 lights, then, for $20 shipped.

Those are the ones!! Thanks for finding that for me; seeing as how the price has gone down since I bought them, I'll do $12 shipped for both lights.

I'll take them if they are brand new never used. Got PayPal?

They are brand new, never used in the field, but unfortunately I cannot prove it, as I discarded the package a while back. I can tell you they have no signs of wear, nor any malfunctions, as I did turn them both on, briefly, to check and make sure both the constant on and strobe functions worked correctly. They are flawless.

Let's do it....Got PayPal?

I do:

As soon as I deposit the funds you transfer to me into my bank account, I'll send you the lights. You'll be very pleased, I think, as these really are handy LED's.

Money sent.

Great. I've transfered it, and it should be posted to my bank account in a day or two. I'll ship the lights then, using standard US mail parcel post, in a bubble wrapped, reinforced envelope.

Product shipped! Check out the other two lights I have for sale here:

November 27, 2020
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