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Sierra Designs Octadome tent for sale

I've had this tent about 20 years. It is complete and perfectly functional, even having used it on a Cycle Oregon once. I think the original pegs are still there but need to confirm that.  When I got it the floor had some mildew and did not seal so it was cleaned,  repaired,  and the floor is now coated with a urethane sealant. Included is the original stuff sack for the poles.

Great ski base camp tent. I'm selling it only to free up some space in the gear locker. I'd sell it for $100 net to me...I can ship and I can paypal if you pay the fee.


just a heads up there is a member named schandrel that buys up stuff like this and resells at a very high profit on ebay. this is a great tent. lots of people on this site would love this tent and it is such a great price. please don't let yourself be taken advantage of. best of luck it should go fast. 

Hi Mazama,


Welcome to Trailspace.  I mailed you about your tent.  If it's still avaliable I'd like to buy it.   Thanks

Lazya4 what your problem ??

People buy stuff and resale it ??? Get over it !!!

Thanks to all those on trailspace who have better stuff to do then stew over someone they don't even know !!!

If I hurt you feelings somehow, Sorry....

And if there is any doubt, YES I buy stuff online and resale if it doesn't fit my needs or after I demo it myself, Is that against the law ?? ( Alot of people here do the same ?? )

Sorry mazama to cut in on your thread !!

I'm not interested in your tent, but it does sound great !!

Thanks everyone..

Hi all I have no problem with people reselling things they buy here. I have taken advantage of getting some items being on eBay at times that I could not find anywhere. I listed it here first for a chance for any people who may want one before going to eBay myself to sell it.

Thanks to all for the replies and outlining the lay of the land a bit.

I think I have a buyer interested that is somewhat local so this should work out fine.

I buy from eBay as well. This is not eBay; there are several more than subtle differences between Trailspace and eBay, one of them being a sense of community and sharing(among some of us). As all you've ever done is take from Trailspace, you may not be aware of that. I've seen some good advice mentioned on other forums: contribute a few posts to let people know who you are before posting to sell(or buy and re-sell) gear. Don't worry about hurting my feelings, I'm not going to "stew" over  someone I don't know. It isn't about me or the rest of the folks here anyway; it's about you, and always has been.

The Classifieds have the distinction of allowing individuals to buy, sell, and trade gear, as long as they are not doing it on behalf of a business or as a commercial venture.

From the Community Rules and Guidelines:

#12 Post only non-commercial content.
Do not post advertising, commercial or promotional posts, paid links, or affiliate marketing in the forums or gear reviews.

The Classifieds Forum is the sole exception. Here individuals (but not businesses or individuals posting on behalf of a business) may buy, sell, and trade gear.

So, if a buyer and a seller are individuals, they can buy and sell gear on the site, for whatever prices they agree on, as long as no one is doing so for a commercial purpose.

If you're still wondering where the line is, in most cases this means buyers and sellers are exchanging gear for personal use, though no one is prohibited from reselling gear later.

I hope that clears this up. Sorry for hijacking your thread, Mazama.

Thank you for the clarification, Alicia. Realistically there is no way to prohibit a business from buying here(from a seller who thinks he/she is helping out a fellow outdoorperson as the end user). That could only occur if that business chose a user name like, "Acme we troll Trailspace classifieds, buy gear cheap and sell for more, store". As  offenders aren't likely to choose such a user ID, or lend transparency to their user profile by stating, "I buy gear and resell it on eBay, that's all I'm here for", sanctions aren't likely to happen.

Abman47, I stated at the top of the thread the reply was for lazya4...

I know your a fellow buyer-reseller..


I've got to say you're seriously mistaken. Feel free to peruse my eBay ID which is also abman47(in order to confuse people). I have absolutely no eBay sales whatsoever. ZERO

Every single one of your posts on this forum have to do with buying or selling an item, schanderl. You've made your bed, and now you have to lie in it. Since you've admitted above that you're a buyer-reseller, and you purport to engage in morally upstanding transactions, I'd be interested to know your E-bay name, and I'm sure you're just about to post it anyway...

Also, I'm fairly sure you (or ffchelm) skunked me on that Nuk-Tuk that hemster had for sale here a couple months back. I know ffchelm does that same thing as you, which is to exploit peoples shortcommings for your material gain. Every one of ffchelm's posts have to do with buying and selling too, and every item that both of you are "looking for" on your various "want lists" are vintage items that are often sold here, on Trailspace, by unsuspecting people just trying to help someone out who could use the gear. All of the items you've listed are well-known collector's items. You're saying you want those things for your use, and they just happen to be able to be re-sold for exponential profits if it doesn't work out? If it walks like a duck...Anyways, I e-mailed hemster and she told me someone e-mailed her an offer, off the boards, within a few minutes of her posting. She, of course, took the offer, so even though I reponded to her post, in the thread here on Trailspace, within 20 minutes, I was SOL.

If lazya4 didn't call you out, I would have. I'll make sure something gets said in every single one of your threads, or after every one of your hijack attempts, from now on. But of course, now that we've brought this to light, you'll probably just PM individuals...

If Trailspace doesn't have a rule or guideline to discourage behavior like yours, schanderl, then perhaps there should be one. Such behavior de-values the entire community, and I think such exploitation is one of the most despicable acts possible. You poor, poor thing; I hope, for the world, you soon realize your inner Buddha!

Hey Schanderl, not to confuse the issue, but when asked why you were posting a wanted ad for a teepee or pyramid tent when you had just bought a Moss Superfly IV from Jim S, you stated:

"The superfly was a great tent but no floor !!
(if I had the floor I would have kept the tent)
I want to find a tent with the optional floor..

no floor for summer camping, the floor for wet spring and winter camping....

If you have a tent like this let me know !!


I find this reply interesting in light of your recent(4-21-2011) eBay sale of another Superfly IV that did have the optional floor. Item #320688487752...

 Your reply is in my consideration a misstatement of material fact.

Hi Alicia and all,

Just to intercept or redirect this conversation a bit...I've been back and forth with a member of the group here and we have agreed he is going to buy the tent. So it is no longer available for sale.

In order to ratchet down this a bit and bring closure, I'd like to offer a couple of comments:

  1. I understand complaints about those who come here and do nothing but post things for sale or those who troll the site look for things to sell to eBay.
  2. I do neither. I've hung out off and on and read posts.
  3. Finally I decided I'd sign on since I have some things I'd like to get some information on (read below) and since I've been doing this long enough to have accumulated used "vintage" gear, I might be able to help others. For example, I have several other old tents so if anyone needed some info or measurements on say a SD Starflite, Glacier, drop front Stephenson Warmlite 3R, Fitzroy II and III, I could possibly help. None of these are for sale currently by the way...

In either case, I appreciate the opportunity to find a good home for this item. I'm just thinning the herd a bit of items currently not used. If I sell things, I'll give people a shot at getting them if there is interest prior to going to eBay or C'list. Now if only someone reading this has the info on the Fitzroy III tent pole question I posted earlier, that would be great.


Mazama, I'm very sorry that you had your thread trampled so badly. I'm relieved that in spite of the turmoil, you found a buyer for your SD Octadome, a tent that is recognized as a vintage treasure. This blow out had nothing to do with you, so please don't think any of my words were intended for you. I've read your posts, and believe they exemplify "contributing" to the forum. I especially like your post regarding tent care in the North Face tent mildew thread, as it's advice that I have both given to others, and follow with my tents. I swear by Mirazyme for my wetsuits, and hanging, loosely packed in a mesh duffel is the only way I store tents. I just noticed today that the link I posted above your post in that same thread is broken. Too bad, as it was excellent information. I know I've got a hard copy somewhere... I'll just have to find it and post it here.


Hmmm...I just tumbled to the fact that my "Fitzroy" comment is misleading..I'm interested in info on a Trailwise Fitzroy III and not the Bibler one...have to go clean up my other post.

Hi Alicia and all,

Just to intercept or redirect this conversation a bit...I've been back and forth with a member of the group here and we have agreed he is going to buy the tent. So it is no longer available for sale.

Mazama, I'm glad the tangential discussion did not get in the way of your sale.

Also, I'll repeat that the concerns voiced above by other members had nothing to do with you or your thread. I'm sorry your thread get so sidetracked, but glad it worked out.


i am 100% behind what aliica just said. i appoligize for not just sending you a private message, this whole process would have been a little cleaner. i personally have no problems with people sellling on ebay at all. ebay is the best place to get the most money. trailspace is the best place to give a fellow hiker a good deal. i felt that for the price you were selling the tent you just wanted to give someone a deal.  no way was i trying to tell you who to sell it to.

the fitzroy tent is a popular one here on trailspace. i believe there are a couple of members that have the fitzroy, not sure of the III though. check the search engine for past threads. some of those members might not be active right now. i am not aware of much trailwise info on the net. you might be able to find some pixs of the rivendale bomb shelter online...hope that helps. 

Discussions like this are good and healthy. It matters that they happen, not necessarily where they happen. The good of the many outweighs the good of the few, or one. I don't understand why anyone is apologizing. Even if it did indeed get in the way of a sale, which it ultimately didn't, who cares? Wait a week and start another thread. I find this oversensitivity to be misplaced and maybe even disingenuous. Shine the BRIGHT light on the parasites and show no mercy or regret in doing so.

No, this:

"If I hurt you feelings somehow, Sorry...."    is disingenuous. 

Do you still have the Octadome tent?


Hi and welcome,

I sold the tent fairly quickly to a member who is local. Sorry.



Appreciate the response. We had an Octadome back in the 80's, loved it. We sent it to a reputable company for cleaning, we thought. They ruined it in their process. The best they could do was replace it with a model they couldn't sell. Needless to say #&"!%... We actually carried that tent on the PCT. We still miss it.



October 26, 2020
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