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WTB Katadyn inlet filter & weight

Pre filter and weight..Yes the piece at the bottom that goes into the water source.  Please dont ask..

Yes, it is embarrassing..Lets say, make sure you put ALL the parts back in the bag before you hike 8 miles away....

Or ideas how to make a new one?  I'm game.  I did send an email to Katadyn on where to buy a replacement..

i have to ask why      mine is 68g   with a fresh refill of charcoal has them

This is the piece I am looking for..

Not the charcoal filter

24g but that is for a model #8013618 and it is not a filter is is more of a strainer that is the combined weight if the weight strainer and float

Ok..Sorry for calling it by the wrong name..

Where can I get another one???

Strainer,Strainer Barb & Weight?  I have the float.

right from katadyn or from a aquarium tank store


I will try the pet store.. That is where I get my carbon from..

Hopefully Katadyn will respond to my request about one.

I was  hoping someone had a old one they was using for parts..

Doug:  I have a few of those ---for free,      + First class shipping cost from Idaho to you. 

I am the Northern Rockies Katadyn representative.   Normally Katadyn customer service in MN. MN. will help you on small items like this, but they have been super-busy this spring, and the Swiss factory has not been sharing these small parts. 

Send me a private message if you still need the newer version of this piece. 

Best Wishes,


PM sent.




January 28, 2021
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