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Afghanistan's Secret Peaks 2012- Mountaineering and Paragliding Expedition

Hi all,

We just want to let you know about our expedition to Wakhan Corridor in Afghanistan. We are a bunch of climbers and a para-glider from all sort of places: Germany, Poland, UK and Australia that aim to tackle few virgin peaks in Wakhan and fly over them.

We plan to produce a high definition documentary that can be used to bring awareness about the region among other climbers and lovers of any type of outdoor adventure.

You have lots of info and great pictures from our previous trips on our website. Just google Afghanistan's Secret Peaks. we are also on facebook.

 If you like our idea hit that 'like' button hard! It would be great to get some more support.


God bless you, and I hope you stay safe. I am not even joking either. Hope you have a good defense strategy, and I hope your not American, or any other hated nationality.

My best advice, wear a vest, and pack an M4 and lots of extra ammo along with your climbing gear.

You do realize that that particular region is a hot spot of fighting currently right? When the military and BBC report the area as 'Relatively safe' that just means that your chances are marginally better.

The Wakhan corridor is a well known arms smuggling route due to the remoteness and rugedness of it, and the ease of entry to China. Fighting there, while not reported on often, is a real and present danger. I know for a fact.

The travel to and from the area will probably be the most dangerous.

I will never understand why anyone would willing go to a war zone to hike, climb, etc.

It is interesting that people need that particular danger factor when doing outdoor sports. Kinda like hiking on the Iraqi/Iranian or the North Korea/China border. We all get our kicks if different way's with danger being one of them. As TheRambler said, I hope you all stay safe. I look forward to a trip report!!

I might be wrong here but I think you are under taking a giant risk.

I am, usually in agreement with Rambler except this time; I love the M4 and would feel comfy with it but I'd hire someone to protect me.  Several armed guards who can speak the local lingo.

If/when you are kidnapped/captured remember Tommy Caldwell. 





See you on the news (not on the mountain)

Hiring locals as guards is just as risky as going there in the first place lol.

Don't hire locals as the main defense, don't even tell the locals where you are going.

Always been fascinated with the jagged peaks and rough, exposed slopes of the Hindu Kush. Everyone has that one mountain that seems to have a magical pull, a beckoning. Well, strangely, Mir Samir does that to me. Even if I couldn't climb it, basking in its splendor from the Chamar Pass, enjoying, first hand, the interplay of light and shadow along the summit ridge would be rewarding enough.

Good luck with the trip. We're looking forward to report upon its conclusion.  


Thank you for all comment and the interest in the post.

I would like to also correct few inaccuracies made in some posts above. I understand that some parts of Afghanistan are a conflict zone and there is a lot of trouble in the rest of the country but there are also regions that are possible to visit. One of them is Wakhan Corridor. I would like to point to TheRambler that the region of Wakhan itself, excluding the rest of Badakashan Province is not a "hot spot of fighting"!!. I do not base my info about that region from BBC or military reports but from my own travels in Wakhan. I have spent there a month, trekking with a female friend and two local villagers. They could not speak English and we could not speak Dari and some how we were perfectly fine. That goes against your "hiring locals as guards is just as risky". As I made a number of contacts with people living there I have a constant update about security in the region. For locals in Wakhan a tourist means good money, on giuding trip can feed a family for many many months.

Secondly, Wakhan is not arms smuggling route, and if it was I think that I would noticed Kirghiz's donkeys and yaks caravans loaded with Kalashnikov, stingers or RPGs. To get to border with China you need to trek for about 15 days and cross passes over 4500m. This is almost impossible to do most of the year due to a long winter and temperatures reaching -40C. Thirdly, there is no risk in terms of travel to the area. As it stated on our website we will access the region form Tajikistan, without a need to travel anywhere else in Afghanistan.

I appreciate the concern in terms of our travel in the Wakhan, but I would like to also point that one should get adequate info about the region before making any comment on the subject.


Sounds like you know what you are doing! I'd love to see pictures when you return.

Understand that all we hear about that region is pretty scary. 

Still though, please be careful, and enjoy!




I certainly hope that your trip is a success, and you don't encounter any problems.

However, the Wakhan corridor is indeed an arms smuggling route from China and Pakistan. Just because you don't see it doesn't mean it doesn't happen. I don't want to drag this out into some kind of argument, it was just intended as a word of caution to be careful while you are over there.

Ignorance in that region in general can easily get you injured or killed.

I am not being ignorant. I am fully aware that it's still Afghanistan and not everything can go according to plan. Is the risk I am willing to take. Its my own decision.

Malgosia, if you can, start a trip report here on Trailspace and if you can, keep us updated while on your adventure.

Hi Callahan,

Thanks, we will be bloging on our exped website. We just want to stick to one site as its easier this way.

I hope that you guys will be following us.

link ?

Here is the link:

Just google the name of the exped Afghanistan's Secret Peaks 2012. We are also on FB.

Malgosia said:

I am not being ignorant. I am fully aware that it's still Afghanistan and not everything can go according to plan. Is the risk I am willing to take. Its my own decision.

  I spent 11 months in Northern Afghanistan(not mil, but as a security contractor), (kondoz, or kunduz, however you want to spell it). after reading the above post I'm reminded of something I heard a long time ago. not from some philosopher or teacher, even tho its stayed with me since I heard it.

 I was watching a fight (boxing) on HBO, Mike Tyson was fighting, not sure who, it was one of the many 1 or 2 round fights he had. he was being interviewed before the fight by the older commentator(don't know his name). he had interviewed the opponent (sacrifice) before Tyson. The commentator proceeded to tell Tyson that he(his opponent/sacrifice) had a plan. what Mike said next is what stayed with me.

 Mike Tyson looked at him and said, "every-body's got a plan till they get punched in the mouth".

 Doesn't matter what you think about Tyson, that is one of the truest statements I have ever heard.

 doing dangerous things isn't as much about having a plan, or planning everything out for every scenario, its about figuring out what the hells going on after you get punched in the mouth.

 hope it works out for you and you don't get punched in the mouth. of course that's the least of your worries in that part of the world.

 Good luck. 



October 28, 2020
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