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Which boots should i choose?

I'm new to mountaineering and was wondering which of these two boots would be better for a 10,000 to 14,000 foot summit in the Colorado Rockies:

1.) Scarpa Alpha boots - made in 2004 - mildly used - $50

2.) Salomon Super Mountain 9 boots - made around 2000 - mildly used - $75

Both are size 12's, which is what my keen hiking boot size is.

Thanks for your help,


1.  whatever fits better

2.  used boots that are of this vintage, you might want to find out if you can easily buy replacement liners, or whether they have been discontinued. 

Leadbelly is right. Personally, everything else the same, I'd go for Salomon just because I don't like plastics as much, just my preference.  Either way you are getting a great deal.

I'd buy them both and sell the ones you like least here for a few bucks profit.

I've had Salomon boots of that era, the super mountain light and still have them to this day. I would give anything for a new pair. Straight better than all my other winter mountain boots. Comfortable, warm and indestructible. I would recommend a pair to anyone.

October 25, 2020
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