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Climbing shoes?

I am curious about climbing shoes? Where I live near Zion NP there are many places to hike with sometimes gradual sandstone slopes that are harder to do but not impossible. I have thought about getting climbing shoes to help do some of the areas.

What brands/types would be best?

I am guessing they may not be comfortable for general walking or could I wear them more often for walking when in between steeper slopes, but not wear them on general trails?

I am planning a lot of side canyon hiking this fall,winter and spring here in East Zion and the sandstone canyons around. Thanks for any helpful information?


I saw these at The Clymb outdoor shop $69.98 @

Gary, Sounds like what you really want is "approach shoes". These are fitted much like a regular walking shoe, but have a lacing design that allows tightening or loosening from the toe to ankle, according to whether you are approaching or exiting a climb or actually on the climb. The soles are the same sticky rubber as full-on rock shoes (which, of course, means they wear out faster than trail shoes or hiking boot soles - but they can be resoled with the same sticky rubber). I find I can easily climb 5.9 or 5.10 in my Scarpas as with most rock shoes for friction slabs and most cracks, though there are limits. They are not cheap and they do wear fast, but they might be right for what you want.

Bill is right go for some approche shoes. I bot the la sportive boulder mid last year and there great.

Have a look at the rock climbing shoes here, Gary:

For real climbing the shape has a quite dramatic curve under the sole of the foot. It is virtually impossible to walk very far in them. 

Here's the link for approach shoes:

You might like the Tech Ascent GTX or something similar. Kind of an all-around hiking/approach/climbing boot. 

October 24, 2020
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